Chapter 3

Please write Chapter 3 of this doctoral dissertation:

Ch. 1- Introduction
Ch. 2- Literature Review
Ch. 3- Methodology
Ch. 4- Results
Ch. 5- Discussion

Dissertation Proposal Case Study

Great to hear you are interested in working on another project with me based on our previous work that I was so happy with! Thank you for the amazing work done before. This new project is an extension of our previous work with economic development economics in emerging markets. Please read the instruction below and let me know if you have any questions. What is new here is I am going away from a mixed model approach to a case study approach and need a new research question(s). The focus country is Vietnam and may include South Korea. Will forward you specific references in this regard later.

Thank you for looking at my new case study proposal project and I look forward to working with you on this big 40 page project.

1. (6 Pages). This project will become a case study research design and methodology based on Yin, 2014. Case Study Research: Design and Methods. Sage. (Please use Yin’s 2014 methods of plan, design, prepare, collect, analyze, and share methodology. This has to be explained in chapters 1,2,3, but do not do any data collection).

2. The basis of this new case study approach for the design and research methodology will now have a main theme to take an economic development project in Vietnam to the next level, putting into the larger economic context and evaluating it in light of the historically-evolved culture and different forms of investment that have taken place. Chapters 3 and 1 need to be updated to reflect a case study approach to my methodology. (The research questions, mixed model methodology, etc. need to dropped and replaced with this case study design and methodology).

3. (12 Pages). This project involves reshaping some of the concepts of my existing proposal, but not changing the substance so much. What is first needed is to give the proposal a very systemic lens view (systems thinking) for the framework of the proposal by building on and deepening the work Ockie and Nam have done. See Ockie and Nam’s systems research articles to reference and write from (six articles enclosed). This will take up 12 pages.

4. (12 Pages). A brief history and background about Vietnam going back to colonial beginnings to understand how their culture and legal foundations manifested to date is important. See previous examples of other countries marked in my proposal and where to insert/merge this new information in Chapter 2. This will take 6 pages on background and 2 more pages for a very brief current day SWOT analysis on Vietnam in Chapter 2 for a total of 8 pages on Vietnam. Then 2 pages in Chapter 1 concisely explaining this in the run up of Vietnam in my introduction. Lastly, 2 more pages on Vietnam in Chapter 3 for what it is going to be researched with the how and why in my methodology with types and sources of data derived specifically from Ockie and Nam’s work that has already been done. Therefore, 12 new pages of new research on Vietnam + the 6 pages using Yin, 2014. Case Study Research: Design and Methods. Sage. As my methodology and design for this case study. (Again, please use Yin’s 2014 methods of plan, design, prepare, collect, analyze, and share methodology. This has to be explained in chapters 1,2,3, but you do not have to do any data collection, just explain what, why, and how and sources and types of data that I will collect for Chapter 4).

5. (4 Pages). 4 pages to move and rewrite some of the most salient components of my previous work on system dynamics modeling (SDM) as a valuable tool in the description of poverty situations and how it could be used in this way from Chapter 3 to now be included in Chapter 2 in my lit review. The most important part of SDM is explaining how it works, so that the SDM models used in the ELLabs intervention are as clear and understandable as possible (See ELLabs/SDM work Ockie and Nam articles enclosed and the web). This is important b/c I want to build upon and deepen Ockie and Nam’s work on SDM that has already been done with SDM et al. including their sources and types of data.

6. (2 Pages.) I used the phrase many times in the current draft proposal: FDI, PPP, ABCD, and the adoption of SDM resource mapping (Moura & Forte, 2010). This needs to be corrected in all of them with this new case study approach. The problem with it is it seems like these four, intimately linked parts of one total approach have been used as an intervention to alleviate poverty. With the exception of Ockie and Nam’s ground breaking work with poverty reduction using SDM as a tool, this has not been done before especially linking FDI, PPP, and ABCD. Therefore, the question, then, becomes where and how does SDM actually fit? As such, SDM would just need to be set apart from FDI, PPP, and ABCD so that it doesn’t appear to be part of one packages of the four. This needs to be cleaned up, explained better, refined, and linked better FDI, PPP, ABCD with Ockie and Nam’s work in all the references of same. I will highlight and explain where in the existing proposal you will need to insert clarifications.

7. (2 Pages). 2 pages to draft a suitable or several research questions based on this new case study design and methods approach from the above and Ockie and Nam’s work to be inserted in Chapter 1 and the reflected/merged into Chapter 3 for the methodology run up.

8. (1 Page). Please rewrite the abstract and add a new title based on the above. The new titled should not be more than 11 words.

9. (1 Page). Please update the TOC with correct paginations/format, etc. so that the document works flawlessly.

10. 40 Total Pages for this new case study proposal project.

11. Please be very conscious with APA 6th Edition attributions (citations/referencing) so that all match and add up from the beginning. Please add 25 or more new citations as appropriate. Most importantly please use concision and write in Active Voice and not Passive Voice in scholarly prose as in the existing proposal and use the format and style you see in the proposal in US English and please limit superfluous colloquialisms. Use the para numbering protocol so that is all consistent.

12. Lastly, as I realize this is a rigorous, robust, and complex project, so please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions, and so on; on a timely basis and I will respond within 24-48 hours. Please update me on your progress at least once a week.

dissertation white matter changes in MRI

– To determine the role of magnetic resonance in the evaluation of patients with meningitis, chronic and recurrent aseptic meningitis among others.
– To determine the diagnostic accuracy MRI in the diagnosis of meningitis.
– To show how the advantages of MRI can help reduce diagnosis time for meningitis patients.
– To determine the efficiency of MRI in terms of image quality.
– To determine the efficiency of MRI 1.5T.

A quantitative analysis of existing literature on the use of magnetic resonance imaging in meningitis will be carried out. Literature databases will be searched using terms and phrases related to the topic such as Neuroimaging, infections, therapy, MRI, tuberculosis, magnetic resonance imaging and phrases such the definition of meningitis and types of meningitis. Publications of journals and other medical related articles will be screened on the basis of relevance and followed by reading of abstracts. Other publications from the Indian Journals of Radiology and Imaging and U.S National Library of Medicine will be thoroughly read to have a greater understanding of the area of research. The following hypothesis will be tested for their validity:
1. Magnetic resonance imaging is better technology compared to other technologies such as laboratory screening tests and CT scans.
2. Use of high-field magnetic resonance also provides a large validity of results since it gives a clear observation of meningitis even at the early stage.
3. The characteristics of MRI provide advantage of other technologies

Fashion Promotion

course I’m doing is fashion promotion which isn’t an option, I have explored a few dissertation topics and still not fully decided on whats best for me but ill put beneath a topic where I have guidelines for you. I just want the best mark of course so if you feel i could have a stronger topic maybe I will tell you my other ideas.

Basically to explore chanel and understand the visual ascetic and what its fine detail in packaging has done for the brand.
e.g Iconic perfume bottle, strict colour codes, Consitencey throughout the brand.

*How its shaped the brand identity
*Each visual has a purpose
*Historical development of makeup and what makeup has become
*How it feels to open a Chanel package
*The fine detail that goes into wrapping a Chanel gift
*Consumer behaviour

It’s really hard to word research questions! First of all, I would advice against “either/or and “yes/no” questions. I also think your question will be VERY difficult to actually answer. Instead of focusing on what makes consumers buy and effects on sales, I would suggest shifting the focus onto visually analysing the meanings created through the design of the Chanel cosmetics packaging. The purpose of the dissertation module is to explore cultural ideas relevant to fashion – not to establish the commercial viability or success of something (other modules will have this focus) – it is not a marketing report! Your dissertation will be about branding but from a cultural/historical perspective rather than marketing. Titles which would be in line with this would be for instance:

“In black and white: the cultural, material and visual iconography of Chanel cosmetics”
“Creating an icon: the evolution of Chanel cosmetics packaging design”

Ideas which may be interesting to explore could be around the significance of the materiality of the packaging: the importance of the consumer’s haptic, tactile and thus potentially emotional engagement with the product. Textures, weight, sounds, scent, colours etc etc are incredibly important.

Coco chanel, the legend and the life
Hope in a Jar: The Making of America’s Beauty Culture < especially this as it could go deeper into the topic of makeup

Hope this is enough information, just to let you know the other ideas I was exploring was-
*Racism in fashion
*Social medias influence to fashion (mainly instagramwhich i already have a previous small essay on i could send.

Multiple Sclerosis Coalition

1–the Introduction–should provide an overview of the dissertation in its 5 chapters:
1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
3. Methodology
4. Results
5. Discussion

Please carefully study the abstract, premise, the pre-prospectus, the prospectus, and the books which are required reading. Of these, the most important guideline for the Introduction is the prospectus.

The introduction should be 9-1/2-10-1/2 pages double-spaced. It is essential that APA style be strictly adhered to. The document must, as well, be in the highest-quality English, free of spelling and grammatical errors. Most of all, the writing must be clear with a logical structure.

My apologies, but no extensions are possible. If you cannot guarantee timely delivery, please leave the job to someone else.

Please do your best job the first time to obviate necessary revisions- which are a pain to both of us.

Please look into the non-profits using Guidestar. Report financial findings of the organizations as concluded from IRS Form 990 filings.
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Dissertation white matter changes in MRI

this is a graduation dissertation and it wight 100% from grade could you please write with more professional and accuracy,there are 2 different dissertation topic 1st 7000 words,2nd 11000 words ,please the same writer to do the work.

employee empower management in banking sector in northern cyprus

Topic: employee empower management in banking sector in northern cyprus
What should your dissertation look like?
Whilst all dissertations are inherently individual, it is nevertheless important that you employ a clear structure. You should use the following outline structure as the basis of your dissertation. As you can see from this outline, the first three chapters are more rigidly structured. This is because there are certain points that need to be addressed in all dissertations. The structure of the results, discussion and conclusions chapters is not prescribed. These parts of the dissertation are more specific to your topic and the research method employed, and therefore it is not possible to provide a structure that would apply to all dissertations. You should discuss the structure of these chapters with your supervisor.

The association between physical fitness level and loneliness index among the older people who live alone

Topic: The association between physical fitness level and loneliness index among the older people who live alone

The dissertation should include the followings. 1. Project Title 2. Abstract (<200 words) 3. Project Objectives 4. Hypotheses (if any) 5. Background of Research & Justification of the Objective(s) 6. Methodology 7. Results 8. Discussion 9. Project Significance/Contributions 10. References (APA style) 11. Appendix if available
Submission Please be reminded to 1. Use spell-check and correct tenses, 2. Submit your assignment through turnitin on Moodle e-Learning for similarity checking when submission. 3. Download your similarity report for your own record if necessary
The association between physical fitness level and loneliness index among the older people who live alone
Project Summary
This cross sectional study was designed to investigate the association between physical fitness level and loneliness index among the older people who live alone. The problem of population aging is getting worse. However, reflected by research, most of Hong Kong elderly was feeling lonely and unhappy. Elderly who are living alone are specifically vulnerable due to loss of friends, loss of spouse and family, loss of income or loss of mobility. Therefore, there is a great need to focus on this group and provide more insight to establish ways through which their loneliness can be reduced.
Eighty elderly who live alone and aged 60 or above were selected by convenience sampling from Chan Kwan Tung Social Centre for the elderly in Sham Shui Po. Physical fitness test of BMI, Chair Stand Test, Up and Go Test and 2mins Step Test were provided to test the older adults’ fitness level. Samples had to complete the self-administrated questionnaire and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) loneliness scale as well. All data analyzed by SPSS version 21. Descriptive statistics were used to provide a description on the participants’ characteristics. Majorly, the correlation of fitness test scores and loneliness index were figured out. In conclusion, participants who had better results on BMI and Steps Test significantly scoring lower on UCLA loneliness scale (r= 0.31, p=0.005; r=-0.24, p=0.03). However, there was no relationship between the results of Chair Stand Test or Up and GO Test and UCLA scale.

Dissertation Critique – System Dynamics Modelling

Topic: Dissertation Critique – System Dynamics Modelling
Essay Guidelines and Requirements
The purpose of the critique is to develop a professional, reasoned and well-supported evaluation of the selected dissertation. It not to “tear apart” the work of another, but rather to highlight the strengths of a piece of work and to provide well thought through and well-justified suggestions for how a piece of work can be improved. It is not sufficient to say what is wrong or in need of improvement; you must also present the rationale for the criticism and indicate what might have been done to improve the dissertation.
The demonstration of your understanding of research should be reflected in a clear, concise, well-formulated and well-founded critique of the major elements of the study, not a surface review of numerous elements of a lengthy and complex study. The essay should be written in APA style and format.
This description will be an expanded abstract that discusses the overall purpose of the dissertation, the design, participants (when relevant), data collected and central findings. This description should be no longer than three pages.