Fashion Promotion

course I’m doing is fashion promotion which isn’t an option, I have explored a few dissertation topics and still not fully decided on whats best for me but ill put beneath a topic where I have guidelines for you. I just want the best mark of course so if you feel i could have a stronger topic maybe I will tell you my other ideas.

Basically to explore chanel and understand the visual ascetic and what its fine detail in packaging has done for the brand.
e.g Iconic perfume bottle, strict colour codes, Consitencey throughout the brand.

*How its shaped the brand identity
*Each visual has a purpose
*Historical development of makeup and what makeup has become
*How it feels to open a Chanel package
*The fine detail that goes into wrapping a Chanel gift
*Consumer behaviour

It’s really hard to word research questions! First of all, I would advice against “either/or and “yes/no” questions. I also think your question will be VERY difficult to actually answer. Instead of focusing on what makes consumers buy and effects on sales, I would suggest shifting the focus onto visually analysing the meanings created through the design of the Chanel cosmetics packaging. The purpose of the dissertation module is to explore cultural ideas relevant to fashion – not to establish the commercial viability or success of something (other modules will have this focus) – it is not a marketing report! Your dissertation will be about branding but from a cultural/historical perspective rather than marketing. Titles which would be in line with this would be for instance:

“In black and white: the cultural, material and visual iconography of Chanel cosmetics”
“Creating an icon: the evolution of Chanel cosmetics packaging design”

Ideas which may be interesting to explore could be around the significance of the materiality of the packaging: the importance of the consumer’s haptic, tactile and thus potentially emotional engagement with the product. Textures, weight, sounds, scent, colours etc etc are incredibly important.

Coco chanel, the legend and the life
Hope in a Jar: The Making of America’s Beauty Culture < especially this as it could go deeper into the topic of makeup

Hope this is enough information, just to let you know the other ideas I was exploring was-
*Racism in fashion
*Social medias influence to fashion (mainly instagramwhich i already have a previous small essay on i could send.