Dissertation Critique – System Dynamics Modelling

Topic: Dissertation Critique – System Dynamics Modelling
Essay Guidelines and Requirements
The purpose of the critique is to develop a professional, reasoned and well-supported evaluation of the selected dissertation. It not to “tear apart” the work of another, but rather to highlight the strengths of a piece of work and to provide well thought through and well-justified suggestions for how a piece of work can be improved. It is not sufficient to say what is wrong or in need of improvement; you must also present the rationale for the criticism and indicate what might have been done to improve the dissertation.
The demonstration of your understanding of research should be reflected in a clear, concise, well-formulated and well-founded critique of the major elements of the study, not a surface review of numerous elements of a lengthy and complex study. The essay should be written in APA style and format.
This description will be an expanded abstract that discusses the overall purpose of the dissertation, the design, participants (when relevant), data collected and central findings. This description should be no longer than three pages.