The company runs regular discount programs. These discounts are aimed at rewarding our loyal customers and encourage them to continue enjoying our premium services. You will be amazed at the fact that the more you order the greater the discounts that you receive.

All our first time customers are entitled to a 15% discount on the order(s) they place. Returning customers also get to enjoy discounts that are pegged on the number of pages that they order. However, if there is a discount program that is running at the time of placement of your order then it will apply across the board. This means that it will be an addition to the regular discounts.

Any client who places an order whose number of pages amount to 15 or more will get a discount of 5% on the paper. On the other hand, a client whose order(s) have a cumulative total of 51 pages or more will be guaranteed of a 10% discount. A 15% discount is offered to all our clients who give us orders with a page count in excess of 100 pages. Please note that these are regular discounts that apply at any time.

There you have it, the more you order the less you pay, it certainly doesn’t get better than this!