What Make Greenhouse Sense?

Using the document on the web address below, http://www.colorado.edu/Economics/morey/4545/global/schelling-ghsense.pdf

1. Summarize the author’s conclusion or response to the question.

2. Describe the main claims made to support the conclusion in order of importance.

3. Evaluate the arguments supporting the top three claims the author makes in terms of both the evidence and reasoning. This requires describing the evidence and reasoning used to link the evidence to the claim using the terms and concepts discussed in class and then evaluating that evidence and reasoning. If you think an argument is strong or particularly credible explain why? If you think an argument is weak or not credible explain what could be done, if anything, to improve its credibility. If cannot be improved in your view, why not?

4. Finally, tell if you agree the author’s conclusion or not. Explain why or why not?

This paper needs to well written, free from grammatical errors and include the entire requirement listed above.






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