Financial problems of the late 1980s,early 1990s and of today

The last two years have seen a rapid growth in private equity
financing followed by increasing financial problems as debt levels
have risen. Outline the similarities and differences between these
developments and the leveraged buy-out boom of the late 1980s and the
financial difficulties which followed. To what extent do the financial
problems of the early 1990s and those existing today mean that
alternatives to public corporations are not financially desirable or

The essay should be no more than 2,000 words long. It should
concentrate on the USA and UK, though you are welcome to use
comparisons from other countries as appropriate. It should concentrate
on the corporate sector, not household finance. Your answer should
examine the motivation and supposed advantages of different kinds of
financing and also the problems which might arise from particular
financing structures.

The assessment criteria for the assignment are as follows
• Quality of comparison between developments in the 1980s and developments today
• Depth of analysis of the implications of different approaches to
corporate financing for the stability of the financial system
• Structure and coherence of the essay, in particular provision of a
clear conclusion related to the preceding argument.





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