Schizotypal Personality Disorder

The paper is to review pertinent literature on the
diagnosis/assessment, etiology, course, treatment and prognosis of a
schizotypal personality disorder found in DSM-IV -TR (If you need this
I can scan this material and send it to you, let me know) At least 7
references should be included, including DSM-IV-TR. Be aware that
there may be opinions that differ from the DSM-IV-TR.

The paper should include at a minimum
1. General description of Disorder
– key symptoms
– course/onset/prevelance
– associated features
– usual course (such as age and type of onset, does it worsen over time, ect.)

2. Differential Diagnosis (Dx) Issues
– key diagnostic indications
– Other diagnosis to rule out
– How to rule out/how to distinguish disorder

3. Causes/Etiology of condition
– Bilogical
– genetics
– predisposing factors
– Environmental
– learning
– family dynamics
– other?
– Social or Cultural

4. Treatment
– Most commonly used
– Efectiveness

5. Conclusions/ Other issues
– Your impressions
– Other issues not covered


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