Environmental Economics

Uranium Mining in Sask from an economic perspective. What environmental analysis and theory have to say or contribute to the analysis and understanding of Uranium mining in sask.
Need to discuss the following:
– environmental problems with the perspective and analytical ideas of economics
– how economic policies can improve the quality of our environment
– the linkage between the economy and the environment
– natural resource economics
– environmental impacts of mining
– analytical tools that can be used to focus on issues of environmental quality
– benefits and cost analysis
– measurements of benefits
– social opportunity costs
– economic efficiency – is there a balance between benefits and costs
– is there a socially efficient level of emissions
– existing Canadian environmental policies that regulate the industry
– any discrepancy between actual level and preferred level of environmental quality
– what is the criteria for evaluating such policies
– -cost effective emissions

Graphs and charts to be included to explain economic perspective






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