Parental Roles and the Effect of the Environment on Child Behavior

Get a particular topic of interest in your area of specialization (clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, educational psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, or general psychology). As you write this paper, you will begin to develop skills related to finding, evaluating, and analyzing resources within the field of psychology. These skills are critical to your success in your studies at Capella and within the profession.

Choose a topic that interests you. What interests you about the subject?

In preparation for your paper, you will need to search the databases in the Capella Library to find six related articles. Select one of these as your primary article and then make sure two of the other articles either support or refute the primary one. It is important that all three journal articles are from credible peer-reviewed journals. You are strongly encouraged to contact a librarian for advice related to which databases to use and which keywords to use in your search.

In your paper you should:

Summarize the findings of the first article and explain why you think it is scholarly.
Summarize the second two articles and explain why you think they are scholarly.
Compare and contrast the three articles. Do they contradict each other or do they support each other? How can you synthesize the information in the articles?
You are expected to use APA format when citing and referencing your sources and formatting your paper. Include a title, abstract, and reference page. It is expected that you will write in the third person, using a professional voice. You will receive feedback on the clarity and accuracy of your writing, your use of APA guidelines, as well as the information presented. Your paper will also be evaluated for your demonstration of critical thinking skills, as well as your professional writing skill.






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