How models manage bodily capital

The article should be summarized and discussed.( provided are a number of questions that can be utilized as a guide to understanding the article.) These questions do not have to be specifically answered; you may also interject something from your own experience that assists in understanding these articles.
1. What was the main thesis of this article?
2. How are these models objectified and codified?
3. To what extent do you see some of the attitudes and behaviors of these models in the women around you?
4. Why do you think women are so forced to live in their bodies while men can earn their identity through their achievement?
5. What kind  of things might free women from the tyranny of being judged so heavily on their appearance?
6. Is the trade-off they make with men, exchanging their looks for financial security, still relevant in today’s society where so many women work?
7. If it is different today, in what ways is it different?
8. What was the main thing you took away from reading this article?




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