Women in Asia

Read the book “Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan.” Stanford University Press, 1972 by Margery Wolf.
This course is Asian studies but it specifically relates to how women are treated in Asia. Please use at least 1~2 quotes from the book to support my argument.

What structural conditions shape the experience of girls and women in the village of Peihotien, as described by Margery Wolf in Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan? What forms of social organization and cultural values shape these experiences? Please explain how these factors affect girls and women, not just what affects them. Is there anything in the gender system that Wolf describes that corresponds to something in your own situation?

I am looking for a 4-5 page paper, double spaced, with plausible margins and font size, that demonstrates your understanding of Wolf’s discussion in the book, and shows that you can apply her reasoning to other gender situations. If you quote from the book directly, please include the page number of the quotation.

Please only talk about the issues in the book Margery Wolf is talking about in the Women and the family in rural Taiwan.

Almost like a book report.

Do not put in any personal idea or facts from outside sources.

Please talk mostly about gender system that Wolf describes.

(My own situation can be how Asian women are treated in the United States.)



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