How Does Married Couple’s Life Transition From Having Kids?

You will need to pick a topic of interest regarding the family and find a local organization addressing the particular issues. The organization may be a local non-profit or activist group that deals with your particular issue regarding the family; it cannot be a government agency or doctor’s office and it must be located in Northwest Indiana or in the Chicago metro area. The mission of the organization needs to be one that addresses the issue you are researching. The paper should include the following sections:

The 6-8 page paper (10 out of 20 points) needs to include:
(1) Introduction: A clear concise introduction that includes your topic sentence and why the topic is important to address sociologically. The introduction should also include an introduction to your organization with the organizations name, location, mission, and how they fulfill their mission (be specific!) (2 out of 10 points).
(2) Literature Review: This is where you will make connections to what social issues are addressed related to the family, why those issues exist and who they affect. You should not copy and paste the annotated bibliographies, rather summarize the major findings. Be sure to phrase the information around your topic. For example, if your topic is how domestic violence affects children you would highlight the major factors or outcomes found and the things that they did not find to be related to experiencing domestic violence. Along with articles from class you must use a minimum of FIVE sociological peer-reviewed articles to support your claims. Remember to summarize the findings from all articles and not just write one summary after another. You should use the online library databases and search with JSTOR doing an advanced search- click on articles and sociology to be sure you are using peer-reviewed sociology articles. See Blackboards for additional information on what and is not a peer-reviewed article and how to write a literature review (5 out of 10 points).
(3) Conclusion: Summarize the major findings from the research. Then make specific connection to how specifically the organization addresses various issues from the research and how it does not. (2 out of 10 points).
(4) Bibliography: Include cites of all works referenced in the paper including websites. Use APA format (1 out of 10 points).






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