Spirituality and Homelessness

Critical Reflection Paper
The paper will be an exercise of critical reflection upon the student’s service learning project, readings, class discussions, research, and journal work. Include a bibliography at the end of the critical reflection paper.

Final critical reflection paper question:

On a personal, organizational, and societal level, how should we respond to homelessness?

Use at least 6 sources. Be sure to dedicate and clearly label two pages to each of your responses: your personal response; your organizational response; and your societal response.

Examples of organizational response include (not limited to):
A School/Institution of Higher Education
A Church/Faith Community
A Business
A Civic Organization

Examples of societal response include (not limited to):
National Policy (laws, funding, congressional bills, etc.)
Please address the HEARTH Act on McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Programs as well as 10 Year Plans to End Homelessness in this response.

Class Presentation
Students will make a 5-10 minute class presentation alone or in collaboration with another class member based on the critical reflection paper question above. Please use at least 6 sources. Creativity is highly encouraged! Do not hesitate to use audio/visual and other presentation tools.






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