Promoting organisational creativity and innovation (Report)


Imagine an organisation that you aspire to work for after the successful completion of your MBA. The organisation has decided to recruit a recent MBA graduate to support the promotion of creativity and innovation in anticipation that they can benefit from the application of knowledge and skills gained through your recent studies. You have been successful in the early stages of the selection process and are now through to the final stages.
The salary is highly competitive but competition is fierce and you are keen to succeed in securing the job. The challenge is to deliver a written business report answering the questions below.
• You will need to state the job title that you are applying for and provide brief contextual details of the organisation.
• You are required to advise the company how they might promote creativity and innovation in the chosen context.
• This requires that demonstrate your understanding of the systematic process and adapt it to the size, structure and context of your chosen organisation and the role for which you are applying.
• This is NOT a case study of an organisation.
• This is NOT an essay

1. Why are creativity and innovation rare in this organisation? Drawing on the work of influential contributors on climate for creativity and innovation critically evaluate potential blocks or barriers to organisational creativity and innovation at multiple levels of the organisation?
2. What can we do to promote creativity and innovation? Synthesise influential approaches to the promotion of organisational creativity and innovation to develop clear recommendations that are sustainable long term? You are required to be creative in the ideas that you propose for Creative Leadership.
You are required to present a 2000 word (+/- 10%) report that addresses these questions. This must be professionally presented in report format, using in-text citations to support your ideas and with a comprehensive reference list. Appendices are permitted. Remember that competition is fierce and you will need to impress to succeed in securing the job. Your report will need to stand out from the other applicants if you are to secure your dream job.