In approximately 500 words, reflect on your engagement with your academic studies and professional development during your first year. This should include what has gone well, any difficulties you may have experienced, and what steps you have taken to try to enhance your academic performance and your professional profile. You should also make sure to discuss how you will take further steps in Year 2, to address remaining difficulties.
First year was going well during the first semester:
*classes were easy to get too.
*tutors were very helpful and clear to understand.
*individual courseworks have gone well.
* second group coursework was marketing which has gone well as the group and i learned our mistakes from the first one.
*first group coursework ; specifically for organisational behaviour was difficult which was the first group coursework .The group achieved the main objective, but there were notable issues identified that dwindled effectiveness of the team performance on time. Lack of a leader reduced the planning and effective guidance of priority tasks. The poor chemistry between members often resulted in unnecessary conflict, which contributed to time wasting. Lack of a working plan affected time management. The positive side of the group work included promoting positive engagement towards the end of the group work and ability to differentiate between personal interests and group interests. In addition, the group members appreciated teamwork and the diversity in perspectives and capabilities improved the quality of the task product.

Using relevant academic evidence, critically argue why cognitive abilities (intelligence) tests are the best tool for selection and assessment in contemporary work organisations. If you prefer, you can critically argue why they are not the best tool for this.
Cognitive tests have been carried out around the world to assess the selection and assessment of modern day work. It has helped countries like the US and UK to measure broadly their aptitude tests (Harriet and Anderson, 1997); which is very general way to assess the public and save time. Also has made it easy for the world to assess human working capabilities. It does come with a number of limitations which shall be discussed further in this assessment I may be leading in favour of having to relay on GMA and cognitive test behaviour (Schmidt,2005).

Review of study supporting your position:
Broadly speaking this has helped countries such as US and UK to measure aptitudes of the workers in order to know who to hire through correlation methods. Test planners and regulators in the government and companies have stated a wider range of rules and suggestions concerning retesting for e.g. the company that provides MAT has stated that “if an examinee’s second (or most recent) test score is 25 points or greater than the first (or most recent previous) score, the second score is invalidated” (Harcourt Assessment, 2005).

Review of study going against your position:
With using this cognitive intelligence tool it may be biased as it is more generalized; people with low aptitude tests will be at a disadvantage, as the test will not include of possible culture and social differences including age, gender, education and appraisal between countries. Larry Lerbeyer (1994) has stated that there are important differences between the US and European organizations in how selection procedures are carried out. The test could also be very expensive to carry out and cannot be performed in a natural setting. With reassessment test it could be benefited for people who scored low (reduced anxiety) on the cognitive test but may deteriorate other test takers scores due to anxiety (Messick & Jungeblut, 1981).
Many surveys have stated that using GMA and cognitive tests are very popular and very useful amongst employer organizations in the UK for selection and assessment purposes (e.g. Hodgkinson & Payne, 1998). The test is quantitative and objective so there wont be any observational bias As written above it does have its limitations however if conducted well and the companies also reassess the subordinates it could effortlessly be helpful; there will be some absence of validity but would be easier rather then assessing everyone individually.
Your essay should be based on your outline, and follow a 1,000 words count. You should however, discuss at least one more study supporting the position/stand you defend in your essay and at least one more study that goes against this position/stand.