Is there an association between mortality in asthmatic patients and chronic treatment with beta agonists?

This is a NARRATIVE research.

Here are the requirements and instructions of the NARRATIVE research:

Proposed a topic for research related to pharmacy practice. My topic is: Is there an association between mortality in asthmatic patients and chronic treatment with beta agonists?

Find EIGHT PRIMARY research ARTICLES, ORIGINAL ARTICLES. Use PUBMED to find the articles. The articles should be FULL ARTICLES, when you go to PUBMED see the WHOLE article, not the abstract. Also, the eight articles need to have their bibliographies IN AMA style. They should be in ALPHABETICAL order by first author. Font should be 12 of 11 point Arial or Times New Roman. No length requirement for annotations. You want to be concise, precise and grammatical.

Hints and Requirements for Annotated Bibliography:

Be sure to check the AMA manual of style so you use the correct citation format and include the correct element in your citations. Remember there is a difference in citing articles that only appear in electronic format and those that also appear in print. Also that where a DOI (digital object identifier) exists it should be used instead of he URL.

The format should be:

Citation in AMA format – with a hanging indent

A line space

Then your annotation block indented.


This article is essentially a think piece that describes the many steps taken to be prepared for biological terrorism and how they can be applied to prevent large outbreaks of pertussis. The data used is from white papers and the conclusions based on logical suppositions rather than any experiment.

1- Search strategy should be on a separate sheet of paper. If you used more than one resource or more than one strategy, each should be listed. Each search strategy should be detailed enough so that if the professor use the same strategy in the same resource he would be able to get the same results.

2- Annotated bibliography MUST be in AMA format. The citation paragraphs must utilize a hanging indent. The annotation must be block indented 1/2 inch.

While there are many ways to create a hanging indent in Word on a PC usually the keyboard command Control+t. For a block indent you can use the indentation icon or the keyboard command Control+m. For Apple use help. Points will be deducted for failing to use the correct format. Annotations that merely summarize and article without any analysis will generally receive a lower grade than those that include some useful analytical components.

Based on the articles in the annotated bibliography and any other articles retrieved students will write a narrative review of their research topic. This review must follow AMA format.

20% – Clarity of the question and search strategy.
20% – Adherence to AMA style.
20% – Relevance of the articles selected for the bibliography and review (based on date and type).
10% – Clarity of the writing, and lack of mistakes in grammar, punctuation and usage in the narrative review
30% – The critical thinking and analysis exhibited in the review paper.
5% of the grade will be deducted for any part of the assignment handed in late.

Students who copy or plagiarize any part of this assignment will receive a zero.
Since AMA does not provide much guidance for course papers as opposed to those being submitted for publication here is what is expected.

All papers should be in 12 point font, either Arial or Times New Roman

A cover page with your name, research topic, course and date each centered on a separate line – these should be in the vertical center of the page

There should be a running head with a short version of your title/question and the page number on all pages

The abstract may be either on a separate page or on the first page of your review. – The running head should be on all pages.

All in-text citations should follow AMA format of super-scripted numbers.

The Bibliography of all works cited in the review should be on a separate page. The references should be numbered and appear in the order cited in the paper.

These are just highlights of preparing a paper in AMA style. Please be sure to consult the AMA manual if you are unsure of how to proceed.

It is better to write clearly and concisely than at greater length.

Remember that it should be AMA style!!! The search strategy of the eight bibliographies should be included below each bibliography.