An economy to benefit producers rather that the consumers: China National Tobacco Corp. (monopoly)

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Title: An economy to benefit producers rather that the consumers: China National Tobacco Corp. (monopoly)

Briefly summarize the change of consumption pattern and change in market share in the last 50 years

The current situation:
In terms of market share, China National is bigger than its next five competitors combined; its growing sales have accounted for a net increase in global production, even as volume at its competitors has fallen. While Marlboro remains the most popular cigarette in the world, China National boasts 7 of the top 10 brands, including Red Pagoda Mountain and Double Happiness. In all, the company made 43 out of every 100 cigarettes in the world last year, according to Euromonitor International. Despite its size, China National is little known outside of China: Almost all its cigarettes are sold in the country, where it has no real competition.

“China now endeavors to build a service-oriented government and amplify its medical and healthcare reform on the purpose of an escalated national health standard. China also conforms to WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Out of dual necessities of tobacco industry reform and tobacco control, breaking tobacco monopoly is top priority.”
Aims and objectives:
To investigate monopoly power of the Chinese Government in the tobacco market and the outcomes of it i.e. the pros and cons

Academic Background: Theory of Monopoly (rational addiction to tobacco), Market failure, Tax and revenue, (institutional economics)

Literature review:
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