Principals of health care Decision making

Principals of health care Decision making.

write a 1 page reflection paper about” Principals of health care Decision making Details: found in Chapter 4 Edge, R.S. and Groves, J.R.(2016) Ethics of healthcare; A Guide for Clinical Practice(4th ed).

Environmental Health Assignment( country policy analysis of environmental health )

Environmental Health Assignment( country policy analysis of environmental health )
Environmental Health Assignment #2: Essay – country policy analysis of environmental health policy/practice Total essay should be 4-5 pages double-spaced. Identify an environmental health policy (e.g., fracking, oil drilling, air pollution limits, recycling, carbon emissions, etc.) in a specific country (e.g., Argentina, Belgium, Central African Republic, Denmark, Ecuador,Japan, etc. – but not the U.S.). Provide information on when the policy was initiated, any epidemiological or environmental data that might show the before/after effects. Identify the key industry and policy players who are for/against this policy and the response of civil society. What are the debates? What arguments hold sway? Reflect in a final paragraph or two what you learned about this policy/issue by studying it within the context of this particular country. What effective and ineffective lessons did you learn from this analysis that may be transferable to low- and middle-income countries or regions?

Managing Health Systems

Managing Health Systems
Identify health services laws or regulations based on: 1. a utilitarian philosophy, 2. a deontological philosophy, and 3. elements of both. How compatible are these philosophies when included in the same law or regulation? How might the differences of these schools of thought affect your work, your organization, or your profession? Objective to be covered with this is to provide an in-depth understanding of the “systems framework” of the U.S. health services systems including: 1. foundations of systems (health behavior, social norms, culture, values, and political historical developments) 2. structures of healthcare systems (providers, institutions and services) 3. systems resources (financing and payment mechanisms); and 4. system outcomes (cost, access and quality)

Angiogenesis: Medicine and Health

Please find our data attached, as well as a description of materials and methods. Required is a detailed introduction on the topic of wound healing in split skin donor sites and a discussion of the angiogenic effect of collected wound fluids based on our findings.

A thorough review of pet visitation models with the context of family and patient centered care

A thorough review of pet visitation models with the context of family and patient centered care

Paper needs to be in APA format with no less than 15 references. All sources should be no older than 5 yrs. This is an administrative tract so topic is pet visitation and policy implementation (think screening question during admission process related to animal phobias/ allergies)
instructions: 1) Design use and examine healthcare performance data bases to retrieve information for decision-making planning analysis an improvement from current workplace or governmental agency
2) analyze policy: appraise evidence and make recommendations of adapting administrative policy guidelines within a healthcare organization
3) quality improvement project to develop and implement effective measures to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction
4) proposal to improve coordination of care with in a healthcare organization
5) design and implement innovative uses of technology to improve and/or enhance patient outcomes
6) fully develop a grant proposal with a nursing leadership focus
7)analyze legislative healthcare policy and based on evidence make recommendations for support of legislative policey

Informative Speech on Patient Care.

5-7 minute informative speech on patient care. Your introduction should engage your specific target audience specific to your career field or professional goals…nursing. References APA and ideas on powerpoint for visual aid.