Instructional strategies and techniques in a 3rd grade science classroom.

PLEASE use 3rd Grade Science classroom either physical science Magnetism and electricity or earth

ALL REFERENCES must be peer reviewed journal articles.

There are times when a teacher uses instruction that is scripted and rigorously developed and times
when instruction needs to be more open-ended and moderately defined. Quality teaching utilizes both
the behavioral and the cognitive paradigms. Knowing when and where to use each is part of the art of

Select a classroom, subject, and a population of students. Choose a subject’s subtopic for this unit
(but not the same subtopic you used in previous units).
Design a unit plan. Include descriptions of instructional strategies and how these strategies will
help adapt instruction to individual learners.
Describe how you would use more structured activities including, but not limited to, direct
instruction, task analysis, and examination of prerequisite abilities.
Describe how you would use more open-ended techniques such as brainstorming and exploratory
Remember to fully describe how each strategy helps customize individual learning and meets the needs
of all students. In addition, describe how each strategy might reinforce or complement other

Include the following components in your APA paper:

an introductory paragraph that describes the class and its setting
overall goals and objectives
a narrative on each strategy
an ongoing summative assessment and evaluation of student progress and student understanding