Individual report analyzing the performance and operations of a public listed company of choice.

Level of write up: produce an individual report analyzing the performance and operations of a publicly listed company of choice.
Word count: Not less than 2,500 and not more +10% words. (Appendix and Graphs will not be counted in the word count).
Reference: As per Harvard referencing. (if there is any)
Cover Page: Pls include a cover page contents for the assignment.
Attachments included:
1. Assignment brief from the University.
2. Lecturers guidance in writing the assignment.
3. Reference Book. This assignment is related to Chapter 6.
4. An example paper write up.
5. Ratio notes.
6. Lecture notes.
– Please make sure that the Lecturers guidelines as per the attachment is strictly followed.
– Chapter 6 of the Reference book is related to this assignment.
– A sample paper is provided in the attachements to be used as a guideline for the report.
– Please ensure that tables and graphs are included as per the sample paper.
– The company for this report MUST be a Public Listed Company based in SINGAPORE.

Promoting organisational creativity and innovation (Report)


Imagine an organisation that you aspire to work for after the successful completion of your MBA. The organisation has decided to recruit a recent MBA graduate to support the promotion of creativity and innovation in anticipation that they can benefit from the application of knowledge and skills gained through your recent studies. You have been successful in the early stages of the selection process and are now through to the final stages.
The salary is highly competitive but competition is fierce and you are keen to succeed in securing the job. The challenge is to deliver a written business report answering the questions below.
• You will need to state the job title that you are applying for and provide brief contextual details of the organisation.
• You are required to advise the company how they might promote creativity and innovation in the chosen context.
• This requires that demonstrate your understanding of the systematic process and adapt it to the size, structure and context of your chosen organisation and the role for which you are applying.
• This is NOT a case study of an organisation.
• This is NOT an essay

1. Why are creativity and innovation rare in this organisation? Drawing on the work of influential contributors on climate for creativity and innovation critically evaluate potential blocks or barriers to organisational creativity and innovation at multiple levels of the organisation?
2. What can we do to promote creativity and innovation? Synthesise influential approaches to the promotion of organisational creativity and innovation to develop clear recommendations that are sustainable long term? You are required to be creative in the ideas that you propose for Creative Leadership.
You are required to present a 2000 word (+/- 10%) report that addresses these questions. This must be professionally presented in report format, using in-text citations to support your ideas and with a comprehensive reference list. Appendices are permitted. Remember that competition is fierce and you will need to impress to succeed in securing the job. Your report will need to stand out from the other applicants if you are to secure your dream job.

The Myflower Theater report

You are required to research the organisation The Mayflower Theatre Southampton and write a report outlining.

The format must be Arial 12, 1.5 spacing, numbered sections, and referencing.

All of your discussion must be supported by academic and theorical literature using HARVARD System.


Bibliography: A detailed and comprehensive bibliography of all sources used in compiling your report presented in accordance with the HARVARD System.

Concert Report

Write a report that is 3-4 pages long (12 pt. Times double-spaced, 800 word minimum) of your experiences at the musical performance you attended. Performances attended prior to the course are not acceptable for the concert report.
The report should have the following elements:
! Name of the performer(s).
! Name of venue (include the name of the city).
! Date and time of the performance.
! If a classical concert is attended, list all of the pieces performed at the concert (every movement is not necessary). If a non-classical concert is attended, list five of the songs performed.
! A critique of two to three pieces/songs from the performance, using appropriate musical terms to describe what your musical experience.
! If you choose to critique a multiple movement work as one of the three, select one of the movements to write about.
! Include the following elements in your critique:
• The title and composer of the piece;
• At least two specific things that you enjoyed about the piece, or affected you in a positive way, or;
• At least two specific things that you did not enjoy about the piece, or affected you in an adverse way.
• Your overall impression of the music and any emotional reactions you had to the music.
• An overall opinion about if you liked or disliked the piece and why you have come to that conclusion.
• Provide and opinion about the quality of the performance. For example, did the group sound very good, or were there times when it sounded like there were wrong notes or things were out of tune?
• Include anything special or unique about the performance should be
included. Was the featured soloist especially strong? Was the conductor exciting to watch? Was there a particular section of the orchestra/group that was especially fun to watch and listen to? Anything like this is great and is what makes attending concerts such a special event.
! After attending the performance, submit your report in the following manner:
• Save the file as a .doc or .pdf format so the report will open. If the report does
not open, you will not receive a grade.
• Name your file “Concert Report” when you save your report to submit.
• Submit your report through the Assignments link in the menu.

Individual reflection report

It is a banquet create my 2 class and we have to work it from nothing to a perfect banquet. Our guests are from a wine company which most of them only speak French. My role is a service team member in my school banquet. The main duties are to set up the banquet event in the grand hall in school, set up the tables, and serve the guest during the banquet. And before the banquet we have fund raising which we held a casino night. We have argue from the beginning . These thing you can write into the report. The whole report use first person, it means “I” to express feeling. I always have communication with my service manager and assistant manager. And sometimes we have argue with our banquet manager and banquet assistant manager. You can write something about the argument. You don’t need to write any definition in the report but just apply you feelings on it. Follow the guidelines and please don’t miss any of it. And I will upload some power point slides for your references.
• Identify and reflect upon which key team roles you have played when
preparing for the banquet in school, including the advantages and
disadvantages involved related to how your roles have influenced the level
and type of communication which have taken place in your team
• Share your experiences related to the team development which took place
in preparation for & during your banquet and provide concrete examples
• Reflect upon whether you agree with Tuckman’s stages, or not, and explain
your way of reasoning
• To what extent you have given and received feedback to/from the other
team members, and what that feedback entailed (key aspects brought up)
• Comment on whether you think the feedback made sense / was appropriate
or not, and why?
• To what extent negotiations have taken place when preparing for the
banquet and how you have contributed to the process
• Taking all aspects above into consideration (points 1-6 inclusive), from your
point of view, which are the key learning points for you as a professional
communicator? Which key aspects should you take into consideration
moving forward to ensure you are “moving in the right direction”?

evaluative report

individual evaluative report investigating the operationalisation of management and leadership development into practice, based on the key ideas identified in Component 1 (2,000 words +/- 5%). You will select a company / companies of your choice and examine how the ideas you identified in Component 1 are manifested in it / them. (find component one attached and note that it got a very bad mark)

Hotel Service Quality Improvement through Measuring the Guest & Staff Experiences

The report is a serious research paper. Use of headings, paragraph numbers, tables, charts and diagrams all help to take your reader on a clearly signposted journey.
The maximum length of the paper is 3,000 words (excluding reference and appendices). It should be A4, double spaced, with Calibri font size 12. Use APA style.
The following elements are suggested to structure your report:
 Title page – title of report, your name, organisation, date of submission, name of academic supervisor.
 Acknowledgements – you may wish to acknowledge the support of individuals in the organisation
 Contents page – sections, appendices, tables, figures, illustrations
 Executive Summary – This is a summary and outline of main findings including context, purpose, objectives, methods, main results, conclusions and recommendations for the reader to have an overview of the report.
 Introduction – including background, organisational context and circumstances leading to the investigation, aims and objectives. It should include the following sections:
• Literature review – a critical analysis of the most significant contributions to the literature, the theories, concepts, issues and research reports that have shaped your research questions and the approach you have chosen. At least 15 academic references are required. Show how existing research findings support/justify your own research.
• Research methodology – Evidence of systematic data and/or information collection and clear presentation of findings. This includes a justification for the choice of methods chosen to investigate your topic, the procedures used, any ethical issues, strengths and weaknesses of the approach. Explain why you chose the approach that you did. Clear presentation of the findings using charts, graphs etc. where appropriate.
 Analysis and interpretation of findings – Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of findings in a holistic and integrated manner. Construct a logical, consistent argument based on the findings which analyses the information in the light of your research objectives and the literature reviewed.
 Conclusions – Summarise main points and state any conclusions that can be drawn. These must be based on evidence. Conclusions link the analysis of your findings with your recommendations:
• Recommendations – these are a natural follow-on from your conclusions and are actions for the future. They should be realistic, timely and, if appropriate, cost-effective.
• Evaluation/personal reflections – this is where you can tell your reader what you have learned from the whole process of your research. Include comments from the organisation where appropriate.
 Bibliography –You must reference properly and fully to avoid plagiarism whether intentional or not.
 Appendices – This could include publicly available information such as organisation’s vision/mission, strategic plans, organisational chart, media coverage and so on. This section should not be used as a ‘dumping ground’ for information you could not fit into the main body due to the word limit. The report should be able to stand alone – without the appendices.
This is detail of the revision: the instruction from my lecturer and exam “You will see that the examiner is not satisfied with the amount of data you collected, neither with the level of your analysis. The level of your report needs to be elevated to the Masters level, that is either a proper SERVQUAL numeric research or more qualitative RATER analysis needs to be done.”

Concert report

The nature of the concert requirements and accompanying reports is expose students to musical experiences to which they are for the most part unfamiliar. Attendance to two concerts is required, however I cannot stress that by no means should you feel limited to only two. I can only accept two written reports due in part to the volume of students in this class, however nobody should feel limited to exploring all the various “musical” activities that Los Angeles has to offer. I would that the two concerts are different in genre (rock, jazz, folk, classical solo, orchestral, band, opera, modernism, etc.) This provides students with the widest and most lucrative experience this class has to offer. Mind you I consider concert attendance to be the single most important component of this class so be sure not to procrastinate and to complete the requirement in a timely manner.
As to the nature of the essay itself: This is not a research paper, nor is any source material expected or necessary. Rather this is a “personal” perspective on your own subjective experience at the various musical event you choose to write about. Not all events are equal, and some events may provide more capacity for written exploration than others. I would like to insist on at least a full page of writing (double-spaced, 12pt font, etc….(standard collegiate style essay parameters). The content is to be purely “subjective”. This is to reflect your individual experience only….nothing more, nothing less.
Sometimes a musical experience affects us emotionally, sometimes visually. It would not be improper to write a short story elected upon the experience….perhaps one that has absolutely nothing to do specifically with the music itself, but visual imagery “inspired” by the music. This would also be acceptable.
Certainly the more you explore and have fun with the inner reflections of the emotional and intellectual psyche, the more you will get out of this assignment and the happier I will be. I refuse to put an upper limit in terms of length as that would be countering the “creative” process which I am hoping to nurture.
The DUE DATES for both reports will be the last day of class.
You may submit either up to that time via this link. I will read through and grade submitted assignments at various times over the semester. Grades will appear in moodle as I assign them.
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corporate reporting analysis

2000 words excluding references and ratio appendix

The company to look at is sainsburys, compare this with Tesco. i need an appendix including all ratios

The ratios file i have attached is for the CO-OP group. You need to use the same ratios but insert the figures from Sainsburys and compare them with the previous year and Tesco’s same year

Depaul UK

The report focus on the following tasks:
1) Analyse the market situation of Depaul UK and the charities sector by undertaking a context analysis, quoting sources,which should include the following: the customers context, the business context, the internal context and the external context
2) write up to five new marketing communications objectives for depaul uk. ensure that these are SMART and are focused on the next year. Longer-term objectives may be discussed, but the focus should be on the next year
3)provide detail as to the nature of the communications strategy( push/pull/profile)
4)provide a dtailed description of the target audience for your campaign
5) identify what the key messages will be for the campaign
6) provide details of the marketing tools to be included in the campaign, discussing the advantages/disadvantages of each together with a justification for each
7) provide a detailed media schedule of your use of communications tools for the period April 2016- March 2017, include sourced media costs and a budget summary

Also it should contains sub headings for each new section.We will be expected to apply theory to the charity case study.

Unit learning outcomes assessed:
1) select media types to meet campaign reach and frequency objectives and evaluate their approaches
2)evaluate the critical importance of customer relationship marketing theory and the development of customer targeted communications
3)appriase the role of the tools and frameworks within the communications mix for planning in the context of the relationship between marketing strategy and marketing communications strategy
4) develop communications messages based on an appreciation of target groups, needs ad attitudes