Individual reflection report

It is a banquet create my 2 class and we have to work it from nothing to a perfect banquet. Our guests are from a wine company which most of them only speak French. My role is a service team member in my school banquet. The main duties are to set up the banquet event in the grand hall in school, set up the tables, and serve the guest during the banquet. And before the banquet we have fund raising which we held a casino night. We have argue from the beginning . These thing you can write into the report. The whole report use first person, it means “I” to express feeling. I always have communication with my service manager and assistant manager. And sometimes we have argue with our banquet manager and banquet assistant manager. You can write something about the argument. You don’t need to write any definition in the report but just apply you feelings on it. Follow the guidelines and please don’t miss any of it. And I will upload some power point slides for your references.
• Identify and reflect upon which key team roles you have played when
preparing for the banquet in school, including the advantages and
disadvantages involved related to how your roles have influenced the level
and type of communication which have taken place in your team
• Share your experiences related to the team development which took place
in preparation for & during your banquet and provide concrete examples
• Reflect upon whether you agree with Tuckman’s stages, or not, and explain
your way of reasoning
• To what extent you have given and received feedback to/from the other
team members, and what that feedback entailed (key aspects brought up)
• Comment on whether you think the feedback made sense / was appropriate
or not, and why?
• To what extent negotiations have taken place when preparing for the
banquet and how you have contributed to the process
• Taking all aspects above into consideration (points 1-6 inclusive), from your
point of view, which are the key learning points for you as a professional
communicator? Which key aspects should you take into consideration
moving forward to ensure you are “moving in the right direction”?