Individual report analyzing the performance and operations of a public listed company of choice.

Level of write up: produce an individual report analyzing the performance and operations of a publicly listed company of choice.
Word count: Not less than 2,500 and not more +10% words. (Appendix and Graphs will not be counted in the word count).
Reference: As per Harvard referencing. (if there is any)
Cover Page: Pls include a cover page contents for the assignment.
Attachments included:
1. Assignment brief from the University.
2. Lecturers guidance in writing the assignment.
3. Reference Book. This assignment is related to Chapter 6.
4. An example paper write up.
5. Ratio notes.
6. Lecture notes.
– Please make sure that the Lecturers guidelines as per the attachment is strictly followed.
– Chapter 6 of the Reference book is related to this assignment.
– A sample paper is provided in the attachements to be used as a guideline for the report.
– Please ensure that tables and graphs are included as per the sample paper.
– The company for this report MUST be a Public Listed Company based in SINGAPORE.