You are the PR contact for PROW 210. The class is planning an event. Your job is to promote this event by creating a media kit. You may make up the event and event details. Your media kit
must contain a press release, a backgrounder, a list of
frequently asked questions (FAQs), and a blog for Blackboard, which is available to all of MacEwan. Be sure to use proper layout, formatting, and content, utilizing the examples
provided in class and your textbook.

Media monitoring

1. Media search (not included in word count)
Use Factiva to search for media coverage of a particular topic – “Melbourne Spring Fashion Week”.

2. Article (clip) analysis (table, not included in word count)
Select 5 articles from your results to analyse for key characteristics, like prominence and tone. You may use the PRIA table in the resource above (p2) to summarise your clips
*Please save a PDF of the results list from your search

3. Media Summary
a). Summarise your results with basic metrics, e.g. frequency, from your Factiva search and tone, key messages, prominence, etc from the article analysis.
c). Very briefly reflect on why AVE is not appropriate for public relations practitioners anymore. (there is mention of AVE in the PRIA link above)
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Hollywood Remake


 In an analysis of a pair of films – a source and its remake – demonstrate what constitutes the core cultural differences between the two.
 Critically analyse how the ‘source’ has changed when placed in dialogue with other cultures in the ‘remake’. You may wish to consider what is culturally specific about these films, and what has local and global significance.
 Please minimize description of content and story elements of the two films

Appearing in a reality TV show. Point: Willing or not willing (need 3 or more vivid examples)

Paragraph Assignment:
Write an illustration paragraph. Your paragraph will be at least seven sentences. The introduction should grab the reader’s attention. Your topic sentence should introduce your topic and the point you are going to make about it. The body paragraphs should provide specific details to support your point. The conclusion should summarize your paragraph and provide closure.
Topic Sentence:
Remember the key to an effective paragraph is a strong topic sentence which includes the topic you are going to write about and the point you are going to make about the topic.
Topic: Appearing in a reality TV show
Point: Willing or not willing

Sample Topic Sentences:
Appearing on a reality TV show has many benefits.
There are many reasons to appear on a reality TV show.
Appearing on a reality TV show is not worthwhile.
There are many reasons to avoid appearing on a reality TV show.
( need 3 or more vivid examples)

Your paragraph should:
· Be written in MLA style (12 point font TNR, double spaced, include header, title, and page numbers with author’s last name in upper right hand corner )
· Use first or third person point of view. Do not use the words you, your, our, etc.
· Use consistent verb tense. Use ALL present tense or ALL past tense.
· Use all sentence types that we’ve learned: simple, compound, and complex.
· Use emphatic order (order of importance), so you’ll go from least interesting piece of support to most interesting piece of support.
Check coherence, use transitions
Include enough details.
Stay on one point.


Tuesdays with Morrie
The analysis paper will:
(1) provide a description of the specific grief, loss, or bereavement issue facing Mitch Albom: what definition of grief best characterizes the character�s grief reactions/responses (define, cite, describe and apply all concepts/definitions)
(2) identify and apply concepts and a theoretical framework from the course for understanding the main character’s grief, loss, or bereavement issues/responses, (define, cite, describe and apply all concepts & all key terms from the theoretical framework), and
(3) briefly suggest implications for social work practice/interventions to promote adaptive coping and adjustment to the loss (here, imagine you are assigned to be the main character�s social worker; how would you intervene, what types of interventions are appropriate; discuss coordination of resources/services, etc).
Additionally, it is requested that in the analysis you define, cite, and describe examples of concepts/theory/models relevant to the main character as illustrated in the film.

Social Media Campaign

Identify an organization in the area that you are interested in, work for, or would like to work for one day. monitor how they currently use social media. Write a social media campaign plan that will give the organization a fully flushed out idea that is ready for implementation. Required components of this assignment are as follows: Goals, Summary of Current Social Media Efforts, Content Types, Tools (with purpose and metrics), Action Plan for each Tool, and Evaluation Plan. My expectation is that the plan will be 6 pages long (formatted like a professional report, rather than an academic paper). You will pitch this campaign in class interpersonally as if you’re applying for a contract.

media theory and research

1- Critical theory

– Explain the theory with your own words.

(Introduction – Thesis – Body)

2- Encoding /decoding theory

– Explain the theory with your own words.

(Introduction – Thesis -Body)

-Tell me if you agree or you disagree and why (you need to give your opinion to support the Conclusion)

The book name: Converging media a new introduction to mass communication third edition 2013-2014 update

” Chapter 14 ” -media theory and research: from writing to text messaging

Open Forum Assignment

Open Forum Assignment
– Please submit TWO articles from the news media with different sociological forms (utilizing newspapers, magazines, or internet) and discuss their differences with the class. Three to five minutes per article is more than enough time.
– A copy of the original article must be stapled to the open forum. It must be typed and double spaced.
• If you do not discuss the article points will be deducted from the assignment.
Format: Since you are choosing two distinct articles the open forum should be a total of 4 pages.
*Please do NOT re-type the entire articles
*Cover page NOT included in page count
​1) Introduction/Briefly describe the articles!
​2) Why did you choose those articles?
​3) Any weakness in the articles? (Something not covered in the articles that you think should have been included?)
​4) What are the strengths of the articles? (Best points!)
​5) Apply the articles to two sub fields of sociology and explain how they incorporate/Over all summary.
Cover page with only the following information:
Sociology Class:
Time of Class:
Title of the article
All requirements from the format MUST be met.