Open Forum Assignment

Open Forum Assignment
– Please submit TWO articles from the news media with different sociological forms (utilizing newspapers, magazines, or internet) and discuss their differences with the class. Three to five minutes per article is more than enough time.
– A copy of the original article must be stapled to the open forum. It must be typed and double spaced.
• If you do not discuss the article points will be deducted from the assignment.
Format: Since you are choosing two distinct articles the open forum should be a total of 4 pages.
*Please do NOT re-type the entire articles
*Cover page NOT included in page count
​1) Introduction/Briefly describe the articles!
​2) Why did you choose those articles?
​3) Any weakness in the articles? (Something not covered in the articles that you think should have been included?)
​4) What are the strengths of the articles? (Best points!)
​5) Apply the articles to two sub fields of sociology and explain how they incorporate/Over all summary.
Cover page with only the following information:
Sociology Class:
Time of Class:
Title of the article
All requirements from the format MUST be met.