Tuesdays with Morrie
The analysis paper will:
(1) provide a description of the specific grief, loss, or bereavement issue facing Mitch Albom: what definition of grief best characterizes the character�s grief reactions/responses (define, cite, describe and apply all concepts/definitions)
(2) identify and apply concepts and a theoretical framework from the course for understanding the main character’s grief, loss, or bereavement issues/responses, (define, cite, describe and apply all concepts & all key terms from the theoretical framework), and
(3) briefly suggest implications for social work practice/interventions to promote adaptive coping and adjustment to the loss (here, imagine you are assigned to be the main character�s social worker; how would you intervene, what types of interventions are appropriate; discuss coordination of resources/services, etc).
Additionally, it is requested that in the analysis you define, cite, and describe examples of concepts/theory/models relevant to the main character as illustrated in the film.