Digital Media

How do social media marketers select a target audience?
What impact do digital media have on the marketing mix?
How can marketers utilize digital media to improve business?

Social Media Marketing

What does social media marketing involve and how do firm social media sites support an online store?
What do you mean by Social media marketing? Give your comments for the 7 myths of social Media marketing.

Media Literacy

Define Media Literacy. Explain why you think it is important to be “media literate”. What, if anything in your opinion, are non-media literate people missing or foregoing?

Assignment on Media

Describe the careers in social media marketing.
Balance the following reaction in acidic media.

Cr_2O_7^2^-(aq)+Cl^-(aq)——> Cr^3^+(aq)+Cl_2(g)

What is the concept of media sensationalism?

Culture Media

Explain briefly the following culture media: a)Nutrient media/complex media b)Synthetic media c)Selective media d) defined media e) Enriched media f) liquid media g) slant (solid) g)Anaerobic culture