Today, blogs are attracting advertisers, and public relations campaigns increasingly are pitching to bloggers. This activity, combined with consumers use of smartphones and electronic tablets for news and information, provides new and unique challenges and opportunities for PR practitioners.
How would you pitch a campaign to bloggers? Include details on how you would identify specific blogs or bloggers for your pitch, where you might find them online, and what tactics and techniques you would use for the PR message and presentation.
What elements of this campaign are best practices no matter what medium is used?

Communications and Media

1. Why do you think the question of media’s effects on children has been such a continually big concern among researchers? Is this a useful focus? Why or why not?

2. In addition, point to examples from international media or media from other countries that affirm your view on how children’s advertising or children’s media products can affect children in global media.

How social media tools can promote and expand aim mail center business

 EXPAND ON ALL THOSE ARGUMENTS AND EXPLAIN THEM DETAIL How social media tools and online marketing can target the problems at The Huntington Beach California AIM mail center and
“Advantages that the Social media tool will provide to the business at The Huntington Beach California AIM mail center”

 Disadvantages for the Huntington Beach California AIM mail center adopting the social media tools






You are assigned projects organized by countries. You will be assigned a topic/element from the listing below.
Present your assigned topic/element as it plays out in the media of the specific country that has been assigned. In other words, you are assigned a specific country and also you are assigned a specific topic/element. For example, you may be assigned Australian media and individually you were assigned to journalism/censorship as a topic/element. So, you will be presenting a
project focused on how the topic/element of journalism/censorship plays out in Australian media.
Create a Web page or PowerPoint presentation outlining with creative flair the characteristics of the media by assigned topic/element and country.
Present a distinct element/topic and how these topics/elements manifest in the media of the country, in television, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc., or you can present them all in the same format/medium. The emphasis or focus should be how topics/elements are manifested in the media of that country. In other words, information must be directly relevant to media.

The list below, are the elements/topics that are assigned

1. Free Speech, Censorship, & Journalism
2. Propaganda, Framing & Public Relations
3. Branding & Advertising
4. Pop Culture & Storytelling
in Media
5. Diversity & Stereotyping

1. These projects need to be presented in either PowerPoint or Web Page formats that are PC friendly.
2. The specific topic/element assigned to the student should be presented focusing on how that topic/element is manifested in the assigned country.
Generally, projects should average 15 slides, if it’s a PowerPoint, or the equivalent if it’s a web site.
3. A reference section (bibliography)

TV assignment

write a short essay of two or three double-spaced pages after you have watched two televised newscasts of national news on the same day. One newscast is to come from a cable or satellite news network .

Please be sure to select national newscasts rather than your local city or regional newscasts.

You have your choice of which cable/satellite source and which broadcast source you choose. The half-hour newscasts are best for this exercise.

While watching, keep notes of the top three stories and the amount of time devoted to each of the three stories.

With your notes in hand, write your comparison of the two newscasts based on these four factors:

the top three news stories covered – whether they match or differ in the two newscasts;
the amount of air time given to each of those three stories;
any difference in the slant of the presentations of the three stories; and
anything you heard that affected the credibility of the people delivering the reports.
To conclude, how would you account for the similarities between the two newscasts in both selection and content of the stories?

Media Analysis: Socio-cultural Issues and Eating Disorders

You are to find one print advertisement and one music video and critique each, with each critique being 1-1.5 pages each. You will be commenting on what messages the advertisement and video convey in terms of body image and eating. Following these, you will write a 4 page reflection about the relationship between eating disorders and western culture at large. Since this is a reflection, you will be sharing your own ideas (feel free to back up your opinions with references, but these are not needed). You will be marked on your ability to logically and clearly describe your opinion.

For the reflection discuss in point of view of male, (pressure growing up to be fit and having muscles in order to gain attention and ego.
1.5 pages for each critique, and 4 pages for the reflection.

Ethical Climate in Media

“Use this paper to reflect on where your moral and ethical sensibilities are drawn and assess these in light of the “ethical dilemmas” and “moral temptations” that most trouble you about what contemporary media offers up in a free society that depends on an informed and thoughtful citizenry as the basis for a healthy democracy. Assess where your ethical values are the most offset from those of particular media offerings (in TV, film, news, advertising, PR, radio, music, books, web blogs, social media, etc.) and explain why specific media tendencies are deficient and may be problematic. Make a case for the most important key issues raised in the documentary “Rich Media, Poor Democracy” and build an argument, anchored in evidence offered in at least two research articles published in different scholarly journals, for why and how the ethical climate for media and specific offerings need to and might be improved.”

Please work on the following:
-Grammar Usage
-Organizing the sections to make it research paper oriented.
-Improve word choice and writing style
-In text citations (APA)
-Flow of my reasoning and concepts (provide suggestions when you can)

Below are the grading criteria from the instructor:
The following criteria will be followed in grading papers:
Strong papers will demonstrate superior: (l) precision in addressing the assignment, (2) writing style & usage, (3) organization, (4) understanding and application of theories of ethical reasoning, (5) research and application of primary scholarly sources and sound journalism, (6) citation of reference sources, and (7) use of the APA reference style.

**There is no need to write out a reference list**

The influence of media on population health


Media’s influence on woman’s body image ‘thin ideal’

People’s health and wellbeing is the result of the complex interplay of societal, environmental, socioeconomic, biological and lifestyle factors, known as the determinants of health. Most of these factors can be modified to some extent. Understanding why groups have different health outcomes can be achieved by measuring and monitoring these determinants, and contributes to the development and evaluation of policies and interventions that prevent disease and promote health.

Your task

You are to write a report on the influence of media on population health.

What is the evidence about the impact of media on population health? You will need to narrow your area of interest to a specific aspect of media or population health to be able to provide a comprehensive analysis in 2500 words.

Your report needs to include:

1.An introduction – including a clear identification and statement of how your topic addresses the influence of media on population health.

2.The identification and critical analysis of the qualitative and quantitative evidence from a range of population health studies that have examined the influence of media on population health.

3.The identification and critical analysis of the evidence of the causal pathways through which media influences population health.

4.Consistent integration of appropriate quantitative measures relating to the characteristics of media, their relationship or impact on health outcomes and the health outcomes of interest.

5.Consistent integration of appropriate data visualization (graphs, figures, diagrams) that enhances the communication of quantitative or qualitative evidence relating to the topic.

6.A conclusion which highlights your main points and links back to your introductory statement .The conclusion should NOT contain recommendations.

Assessment criteria:

Your report will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Structure and Referencing (25%)


Clear and succinct communication of ideas.


Correct spelling, grammar and sentence construction.


Logical flow to the development of ideas throughout the report.


Report addresses all the specified inclusions (above).


Consistent and accurate referencing of ideas, data, and information utilizing either Harvard or APA referencing style.

Content (75%)


Clear and comprehensive analysis of the quantitative and qualitative evidence of the influence of media on population health.


Clear and comprehensive analysis of the evidence of the influence and causal paths of media on population health.


Effective use of data visualization to support the analysis.


Consistent and appropriate integration of population health measures to support the analysis.


Consistent and appropriate integration of peer reviewed evidence to support the analysis.

Topic: Personal Media Inventory

Complete: Personal Media Inventory Essay & Worksheet ~ Due Sunday

Using this Personal Media Inventory Worksheet (also attached), compile an inventory of all of the media (radio, print, TV, Internet, cell phones, movies, etc.) to which you are exposed from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep for two consecutive days.

After compiling this inventory and participating in the related Week 1 discussion activities in LEO, ponder the implications of your media use in the context of the mass communication and media literacy theories that you explored in this week’s learning resources. (Please do not complete this assignment until you have read all of the Week 1 reading assignments.) Compose an essay of 750-1,050 words that addresses at least the following:
•Use your personal media inventory to help you describe and explain to an alien who has never visited our planet how humans generally use media.
•Analyze and explain what your inventory communicates about your media dependency.
•Analyze and explain what your inventory communicates about media ecology.
•Analyze and explain what the media technologies in your inventory demonstrate about media convergence.
•Analyze and interpret how the technologies in your inventory have affected your sense of self and social life.
•Interpret and hypothesize what you think your media use suggests about media ubiquity and its effects on American society.

You will need to connect your observations about your media use to specific media literacy and mass communication theory and research that you read about in the course text and in our first class, so use the links provided here to help you frame your thoughts. Consult at least four authoritative sources for the mass communication concepts that you discuss, and make sure their in-text citations and end-of-text references reflect AP rules, which can be found here.

Management information and communication system 

Student should apply webqual or modified version, to the evaluation of a website. Accessibility issues must be covered. The website should then be evaluated using the value creation model of Amit and Zott.
The work should be in report format and will involve a significant practical element. Nevertheless, it must have a significant academic underpinning.