Topic: Personal Media Inventory

Complete: Personal Media Inventory Essay & Worksheet ~ Due Sunday

Using this Personal Media Inventory Worksheet (also attached), compile an inventory of all of the media (radio, print, TV, Internet, cell phones, movies, etc.) to which you are exposed from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep for two consecutive days.

After compiling this inventory and participating in the related Week 1 discussion activities in LEO, ponder the implications of your media use in the context of the mass communication and media literacy theories that you explored in this week’s learning resources. (Please do not complete this assignment until you have read all of the Week 1 reading assignments.) Compose an essay of 750-1,050 words that addresses at least the following:
•Use your personal media inventory to help you describe and explain to an alien who has never visited our planet how humans generally use media.
•Analyze and explain what your inventory communicates about your media dependency.
•Analyze and explain what your inventory communicates about media ecology.
•Analyze and explain what the media technologies in your inventory demonstrate about media convergence.
•Analyze and interpret how the technologies in your inventory have affected your sense of self and social life.
•Interpret and hypothesize what you think your media use suggests about media ubiquity and its effects on American society.

You will need to connect your observations about your media use to specific media literacy and mass communication theory and research that you read about in the course text and in our first class, so use the links provided here to help you frame your thoughts. Consult at least four authoritative sources for the mass communication concepts that you discuss, and make sure their in-text citations and end-of-text references reflect AP rules, which can be found here.