Ethical Climate in Media

“Use this paper to reflect on where your moral and ethical sensibilities are drawn and assess these in light of the “ethical dilemmas” and “moral temptations” that most trouble you about what contemporary media offers up in a free society that depends on an informed and thoughtful citizenry as the basis for a healthy democracy. Assess where your ethical values are the most offset from those of particular media offerings (in TV, film, news, advertising, PR, radio, music, books, web blogs, social media, etc.) and explain why specific media tendencies are deficient and may be problematic. Make a case for the most important key issues raised in the documentary “Rich Media, Poor Democracy” and build an argument, anchored in evidence offered in at least two research articles published in different scholarly journals, for why and how the ethical climate for media and specific offerings need to and might be improved.”

Please work on the following:
-Grammar Usage
-Organizing the sections to make it research paper oriented.
-Improve word choice and writing style
-In text citations (APA)
-Flow of my reasoning and concepts (provide suggestions when you can)

Below are the grading criteria from the instructor:
The following criteria will be followed in grading papers:
Strong papers will demonstrate superior: (l) precision in addressing the assignment, (2) writing style & usage, (3) organization, (4) understanding and application of theories of ethical reasoning, (5) research and application of primary scholarly sources and sound journalism, (6) citation of reference sources, and (7) use of the APA reference style.

**There is no need to write out a reference list**