Management Week 5

Part 1

What motivates you? Why? Answer using specific items from the textbook or other resources. (Success, monetary benefits, accolades).

Part 2
On page 430, Highlight 10.10 discusses 10 principles for leading virtual teams. (Resource: Leadership Edition: 7th Leadership Author: Hughes Edition: 7th ISBN: 9780078112652 Copyright Year: 2012 Publisher: McGraw-Hill) Choose one or two of these principles and describe how they could have been applied to improve your work when you were a member of a virtual team.

Part 3
Stages: There are four well-known stages all groups move through prior to becoming cohesive, they are: (a) Forming, (b) Storming, (c) Norming, and (d) Performing first developed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. Later, adjouring was added to the original four to make: (a) Forming, (b) Storming, (c) Norming, (d) Performing, and (e) Adjourning. Describe a recent school, work or family group you were a part of; did you notice these various stages? Now you are aware of these stages, do you believe any of these stages can be skipped and is there a “price” in skipping any of these stages? Your response should be approximately 100-300 words.

Part 4
In an agreement between a supplier and a customer, the supplier must ensure that all parts are within specification before shipment to the customer. What is the effect on the cost of quality to the customer? What would be the effect on the cost of quality to the supplier?