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Using my paper part 1 now following the same project make a market/ financial analysis; proposed project plan inclusive of overall projected timeline and budget; evaluation/ measurement plan; and contingency plan (alternative assumptions and strategies). Integrate into the executive summary or summary/ conclusion a discussion of how this particular project ‘fits’ in the current health care reform environment in terms of access, quality, and/ or cost. Strict APA . Follow previous instructions , be specific , present evidence that supports the numbers . I will summit part 1 for your reference . Include 10 references related to my project . No need for an introduction that’s already stated in my first paper , this is just a continuation .

Part 2
Market/ financial analysis
Proposed project plan to include
Project activities
Evaluation/ measurement plan
Contingency plan (alternative assumptions and strategies)
Executive Summary
Be sure to incorporate evidence-based research to support discussions
6-8 pages, double spaced, APA style