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Healthcare Product & Service Safety, Product Recalls, & Health Fraud in the US Actions for ‘Healthcare Product & Service Safety, Product Recalls, & Health Fraud in the US’
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Part 1
This session you can select from various alternative assignments. Whichever one you select, it must be posted here no later than 11:59 P.M., Monday, Nov 30. Your alternative assignments are as follows…pick A or B to complete for Part 1:

(A) Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other special occasion, we all will be purchasing gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Buying gifts is usually as simple as picking one out, paying for it then taking it home for wrapping but how safe are the items that we are purchasing? Everyday items are being recalled whether it’s a coffee mug or a car. For this assignment you are to look up recalled items from the past year and then answer the questions below. When you are looking for recalled items you should write about an item that you could have foreseen yourself buying before the assignment or something you may have already purchased.You can look up recalled items by product type, by date or even by company. Your assignment is not limited to this resource. For example, car recalls are not listed on this website so depending on your interests you may choose another website.

When you find a product that interests you please answer the following questions:

What is the name of the product?
About how many units were sold?
What was the hazard?
Where there any accidents or injuries from the product? If so, how many?
Who was the distributor?
Where was the product manufactured?
Where was the product sold?
After you answered these questions please summarize your opinions or thoughts on this product and the hazards it presented to the consumer.
Finally, please list the website (web address) in which you found the information.

(B) Using all of the information you may have learned over the semester, find a product or service that may overtly, cleverly, artfully, or deviously lead a consumer into making a poor decision to either purchase or use the product or service. I want you to attack it, tearing it apart as if you personally or a family member had been duped into using the product or service and potentially caused harm to you or your loved one. You can use either a PowerPoint (let’s see your skills!) or Word document to provide your responses to the following:

Completely identify the product or service.
Provide a graphic/photo and/or video of the product or service.
Provide the complete web address.
Describe how the product or service would have enticed you to purchase it (advertising, marketing, testimonials, recommendations (doctors, actors, friends), etc.).
What caused you to question the product/service’s safety or effectiveness?
Did you find evidence that the product was unsafe? How and where?
What makes the product unsafe, ineffective, or unproven?
Describe what you would have done if you (or your loved one) had actually been harmed by the product or service. Recommend using your text as a reference. As a future health educator, you may be faced with providing this advice.

Part 2
You must also respond to a minimum of two classmates’ postings no later than 11:59 P.M., Friday Dec 4.

BTW, I am also surprised that no one examined “acai” products for Session 2 (particularly how it is marketed). I will include a few slides about this product either within the session overview or as a separate item as an example of what you could be used for an attack. I also have an example of what you might have as a submission for this assignment posted under course content. Please be sure to view the slide as a slide show to open the links and also view the notes page.

I will grade your discussion post and responses by quantity and quality as well as spelling/ grammar/ typographical errors similar to all of the previous assignments.

[worth up to 25 points]
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