Management of Change Induced Rework

Topic: Management of Change Induced Rework
The aim of this research is to examine the causes and impacts of rework on an existing construction project and to propose solutions on how to reduce/eliminate rework in this project
Objectives: For this research a live case study will be examined.
1- Study the impacts of direct and indirect cost of rework on the construction project.
2- Compare between planned and actual cost and schedule of the construction project.
3- Identify the causes of rework and come up with a rework reduction model.
In this research a quantitative and qualitative approach will be used in order to analyze the data collected. In order to study the case in hand, data will be collected from the construction site using different methods. Furthermore, a coding system will be used to simplify the data analysis. In addition, questionnaires will be handed to senior staff like the project manager, construction manager, superintendents, and project engineers for collecting data and analyzing
I have uploaded for you the general outline in a file named ( Outline) required for the dissertation, please follow the uploaded outline. The sections in the outline are the main sections, you can add subsections as you find it convenient.
I have also uploaded 3 (A graded) dissertation samples of previous students for your guide and reference, files named (Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3).
I have also uploaded some articles suggested by the professor, you HAVE to use these articles in the dissertation and reference them. These articles will be really helpful to you and hopefully put you in a stronger position to state exactly what you want to research and explain with confidence what you hope to find out.
1- You have to do the study on a real construction project, but no need to state the name, location or any specific detail about the project, just get the data required for the study.
2- You have to apply both, a Quantitative and a Qualitative analysis to the data collected.
I hope I have given you all the required information to make it clear to you. Please feel free to write to me if you have any missing information or doubts about anything. I have to get an A grade in order to pass the program.
Thank you, good luck.
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