Vietnamese Community Survey

Topic: Vietnamese Community Survey
The following is the instruction
Plan to survey at least 40 subjects.( SURVEY ATTACHED) The written report should consist of approximately 15 pages and must contain the sections outlined below. The Discussion of Major Findings sections should be at least four pages. Survey frequency tables must be included in the Data Analysis section, along with any graphs or charts that help accentuate your analysis of the frequency data. Make sure you label all sections.
Required Sections
• Table of Consents
• Description of the Survey Research Topic, Purpose, and Relevance
• Description of the Targeted Population
• Description of the Survey Procedures and Subjects Sampled
• Data Analysis
• Discussion of Major Findings
• Limitations of the Survey Study
Performance evaluation Criteria
• Writing Quality
• Comprehensiveness of the Required Report Sections
• The Extent to which the Purpose of the Survey Project was Achieved
• Overall Appearance and Layout of the Written Report
Please use this current & updated file on the survey. Additional and complete survey responses, chart and excel files can be found in the following link: Vietnamese Community Participation Survey Vietnamese Community Participation Survey JavaScript isn’t enabled in your browser, so this file can’t be opened. Enable and reload. View on Preview by Yahoo