This research was exanimated in an effective processing, to acquire knowledge about the rice production and the risk of extinction, in the context of an interview with a rice production company. Through this research the consumers could have a deep understanding about the nutrients that are present in this grain, the production process and how that could be extinguishing. Keywords: production, nutrients, growing demand, global warming, extinction.

Do you know the rice is on you table? Do you know what you are buying at the supermarket? It is health for serving for your family as a food stamp? This cereal could kill or cure you? Is the rice consumed only as a food? Do you know that one day rice could totally disappear from your table?

Talking about rice is a very interesting topic. When I start my research about the rice, I could see this small seed have a knowledgeable world bigger than the peculiar concepts we have had about that and how much effective could be for us if we understand a little more about this seed.

I would like to invite you to come in this amazing and deep journey about rice, thought this research. That really impact me and when you finish reading about this you will conclude how interesting is to know a little bit more about this product and you will start to see the rice with other eyes.

Black, brown, red, yellow, white, short, medium, long, soft, crunch, taste and smell are the most normal characteristics we as consumers can identify and classify if that is health or not to serve to our family . But rice is more than that. The consumed of rice is millenary grain consumed in different ways. Let’s go start this enjoyable journey with the meaning of rice. The rice is a type of nutrient can give us energy. Besides that, rice also is used as a form of cosmetics, as way of religion, and as popular beliefs.

Consume of rice is millenary. The rice is a cereal grain that is present is present in many countries. The knowledge about the nutrients of this seed is very interesting because understand that can avoid an unhealthy life. As a nutritive seed, the rice brings a potential importance for the everyday source of nutrition.

The demand of rice will grow. The rice production has risk of extinction because the global warm. The quality of rice can be changed. Less nutritive. A protein of rice can cure Leukemia.

One grain of rice is important inside that grain has many surprises.

During interview with a company in Ecuador they informed me they analyses eat grain came from the small companies and choose the best grains to plant a selected seed and export to others countries.

Each grain has a significant importance.