ecology of wildlife behavior

Search the internet and other sources for journal articles involving wildlife management studies or projects that pertain to ecology of wildlife behavior.
Write a Case Study summary of the journal articles. Be as concise in your summary as you can while presenting an introduction on why the topic is important or interesting, the methods of study and analysis, results, and in your own words, discussion of management implications. I recommend giving your Case Study a title as it will help you focus on what your main point is and ensure that your topic is consistent with the topics we are covering that week.
Your Case Study should be a minimum of 250 words, and about 4 paragraphs, times new roman in 12 point font.

Plant Sciences Challenges in Land Use

Using the plant species (Aloe vera) to develop an in-depth overview of a current challenge to the plant sciences. Reports should demonstrate an awareness of the current challenge or issue as it affects society/ies at large, the plant sciences in general, and its effect on the production/use of your specific plant (Aloe vera). The chosen challenge is land use. Remember to connect the essay with challenge of 2050. By that time, there will be 9 billion humans on Earth. How can we use it in an effective way?


1. Introduction: what’s the challenge, how will it affect your plant/s, and so what?

2. Body:
* Challenge Overview
– Provide a general overview of your challenge topic area as it relates to humans and society at large (global/regional/local where applicable)
– Describe the challenge as it relates to the plant sciences-depending on your challenge and focus area, this might include research, production, and/or use of plant species. It might be necessary to narrow down your challenge topic to a specific issue or concern (e.g., Water Issues might be presented as Water Conservation or Water Quality, or left general-it’s up to each group)-if so, explain the project focus clearly
* Challenge Impact on Selected Plants (Aloe vera)
– Describe the impact that the challenge topic will have, including specific issues for the plant species
– Include: how the plant’s use and/or production will be affected, resource availability and use, who this will impact and in what way, degree of importance in relation to the overall challenge to society

3. Impact Summary
– Evaluate and compare the effects that the challenge topic will have on society, the plant sciences.
– Identify possible solutions or adaptations that plant scientists are already using or could employ to address the challenges in general and for each member’s plant species. Use case studies/real world examples/citations if possible.
– Be sure to answer this question (not necessarily literally): How will this challenge alter the way we produce or use these plants, and what can plant scientists do to adapt?

FYI: I included my Project 1’s essay written about Aloe vera, so that you can read over it and have the ideas.


what can be done to remedy the injustice, who should do it, and why?
Complete an essay of 2,000 words, which makes an argued suggestion for remedying the injustice.
Your introduction will state what the injustice is you will suggest a remedy for, and how it links micro, mess, and macro levels.
Your argumentation for the remedy should use Ruggie’s framework as well as ethical theories. You should also include a critical discussion of your suggested remedy: (for example) how would improve the situation, what could it not do, on what contingencies does success depend, what is the timeframe, who does what, on who does this impact (and how)?

according to the first essay, this new one is like the second part of the firs essay, I want a link between them
and the feedback for the first one said that i need to do exactly what is requested.

Edible coatings for horticultural crops and their impact on quality

You should do some research before choosing your topic to make sure that you can find adequate resources. Two good sources of information are the further reading and reference sections of the recommended text books and the electronic resources at the library for literature searching (I routinely use Web of Science). Remember that you are required to use
peer‐reviewed articles for generating your review and you need to cite these appropriately. A good place to begin is to select an appropriate review that is fairly recent or highly cited by authors that are respected in their research fields.
The review should be approximately 7‐8 pages in length, single spaced Times New Roman font size 12.

Why we shouldn’t eat GMO foods?

Persuasive speech outline. It has to influence beliefs,attitudes,values and actions of the audience. The outline should be include introduction,the body( including supporting facts and use of presentation aids) and conclusion. Site six credible sources. Review chapter 24 of A Pocket Guide To Public Speaking forth edition page 203,206 & use that pattern. This speech is for 5 minutes. I need 3 pages of out line and one page of worked situation

The birth of horses abstraction and cubism

Write a description and analysis of each work using visual language, with terms from the elements of art and principles of design table listed below (at least 3 of the most relevant art terms per each work of art). Work to explain the trademark attributes of each style and artist. Include discussion of context in each analysis, such as how the subject and style of the artwork expresses historical, cultural, and/or biographical information. Conclude how each artwork is similar and different in terms of style and philosophy

Quantitative Analysis assessment for Agricultural E commerce

Research Paper Guide
This paper will be based on Agricultural products companies that have adopted ecommerce based systems for selling their products online and how that has helped their business to increase their sales and expose them to both national and global markets. The issue would be if these companies did not rely on ecommerce that they would not be competitive in today’s markets and would pay more costs in advertising their items. This paper needs to have an in depth analysis using a Quantitative analysis model such as regression models and forecast of sales and historical data showing the level of sales over time. There must be charts and graphs along with tables that show how the calculations were performed.

In this course, you will examine a problem or issue through the lens of Quantitative Analysis. This means that you must choose a project that is very specific, focused, and one on which you have a grasp of the inputs, process, and outputs. It would be beneficial if you could work with a specific issue in your workplace, as it moves the theory to practice, and you can improve your work life by applying the lessons from this course.
You will work on the project throughout this course, help one another by discussing your ideas in the Discussion Board, and hone your skill sets through collegial debate. Your paper will be approximately 10-20 pages in length, formatted in current APA format, include tables and/or figures, and have the following headings:
• Introduction: A brief section that describes the symptom that you noticed, and provides readers with an understanding of the process.
• Description of Problem: Developed through the Module 2 discussion forum.
• Methodology: Developed through the Module 5 discussion forum.
• Data collection: Developed through the Module 6 discussion forum.
• Data Analysis: Developed through the Module 7 discussion forum.
• Recommendations: Your interpretation of the analysis; provides readers with your ideas of your next logical steps. This could be a formal presentation to your boss, or perhaps a team meeting to highlight the issue, or so forth.

This paper should be much like the case studies at the end of the textbook chapters. The introduction is the part of the case that is printed in the textbook. The remainder of the paper contains the details of how you collected the data and did the analysis. It will then end with the findings and recommendation. As a resource, a template containing preformatted headings is provided for download. Using this template will take some of the work out of doing a paper. You can add subheadings as necessary. In Chapter I, if you do not use any of the several subheadings there, just delete that section.
I will need to have the data sources and methodology used for my class modules. I am currently in module 4.

Their is a free software program that can be used to generate the data for the graphs from called QM for Windows and an excel QM version . The text book I am using is Quantitative Analysis for Management 12 th edition by Barry Render.

You work for a fair trade company that specialises in coffee and tea. The company works with farmer cooperatives in East Africa and Central America, and is now considering expanding to South East Asia.


its very long

The task
You work for a fair trade company that specialises in coffee and tea. The company works with farmer cooperatives in East Africa and Central America, and is now considering expanding to South East Asia. Perhaps Vietnam (or another country of your choice, but not your home country). The senior management team needs to know what the possibilities are.
The company has sent you to the selected country for a three-month assessment period. You are now preparing for these three months. Please:
1. Gather key information about coffee farming in your selected country,
and summarise these basics in a single page. 2. On the basis of the information you gathered: identify a region that looks promising for your fair trade plans. Explain why you made this particular choice (and make sure this includes considerations related to poverty alleviation).

3. Develop a three-month action plan that covers the things you need to do and the way you will do them, explaining why, in order to be able to make a recommendation to the senior management of your company.
Expected content
In relation to 1 (Key background information)
In as far as this information is available for your selected country the background information should include things such as:
 Recent past and projected future volumes of trade, production costs and price trends etc for both fair trade (FT) and conventional coffee.
 Overview of crop distribution (i.e. what crops are produced in which regions, by what sorts of producers) and existing FT initiatives (perhaps presented as maps, to identify un-served or under-served areas).
In relation to 2 (Justification of target area/s and population/s)
 Identification and explanation of criteria for possible target area/s and population/s. For example, suitable coffee beans, soils/climate, expected cost price differentials, accessibility to market, existing
tradition of co-operative farmers organizations, existing production/producers, markets, market intermediaries and poverty profile of population, number of farmers (or plantation workers) that could benefit, land ownership structures etc  Potential risks, limitations and uncertainties that might negatively affect the establishment of any proposed new fair trade programme or its development outcomes, including possible negative impacts, on the coffee growers and their families and on others
In relation to 3 (Three month action plan)
What would you have to do to add depth to the information provided under 1 and 2 above? In making your recommendations, you may decide to either recommend or not to recommend the involvement of your fair trade organisation in a new venture in your selected country. Alternatively, you may decide to recommend work to strengthen an existing initiative instead. Whatever the case, please make sure you explain the reasons justifying your chosen recommendation/s.

Example of a real feasibility study about organic and fair-trade cocoa in Vietnam
The feasibility study by Helvetas on Organic and Fairtrade Cocoa in Vietnam, accessible through the link below, provides a good example of the sort of thing we would like you all to aim for, although the 2000 word scoping study required from you will obviously be much more modest in terms of its scope and level of detail.

Agricultural Development

-Agricultural Development
Question of the essay:
What role is played by agriculture in the structural transformation of developing countries? Is this role consistent with a decline in agriculture’s share of GDP? What is your opinion about GM?
Ps: GM means Genetically modified crops ( plants used in agriculture)
– The first file is how to write my essay .  Actually the essay is 5 pages but the writer should write the References in a different page , the notes … so the whole work can be 10 pages for example ( But no more than 10 pages) and the essay ( no more than 5 pages). ( and dont hesitate to contact me for more details about instructions).
Ps: I dont have a specific number of references ( I put 7 references just because I have to choose it anyway but choose the number that you want)Topic. This covers all this:
Lecture 6:Agriculture and the Process of Agricultural Development
-Agriculture’s share of GDP; cross-section and time-series evidence; causes of agriculture’s declining share; the role of the agricultural sector in economic transformation. Land use in developing countries; the relationship between farm size and yields and theoretical explanations; factor price distortions in
the rural economy; land ownership patterns in developing countries.