Small Enterprises In A Mass Tourism Environment

The dissertation is written but failed for five points to reach the 50 which is the passing mark. As you will see from the feedback that my tutor send me, various parts need rewritting.
The main issue was that I don’t met my aim and objectives thus the writer is free to change anything he/she likes in order to meet those, or he/she can put aim and objectives that fit’s him/her better in order to achieve the result of 60 out of 100 points.
Finally from the 23 interviews the questions I asked the interviwees are inconsisted thus the writer can keep only 10 or more which will meet his/her objectives and will give to the paper a consice structure.
Regarding the references I would like 15 to 20 articles or journals,5 books and 5 internet.
Finally I would like the parts which are written from the writer to be sent to me so I can examine them and check them.