Case Study

Element 1
Assessment instructions:
You are a paralegal employed by the Mount Gravatt Law Centre. You receive the following email from your supervising solicitor James Wright:

I need you to research the steps involved in making an application to the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal for a Guardianship order and provide me with a memo about it.

Read again the Element 1.1 notes and draft an email to James asking him the six questions that would give you further information regarding the research task.
You must Answer 1.1 before going onto 1.2
You receive an email back from James Wright the next day as follows:
Good morning!

Thanks for your email yesterday. In answer to your questions:
• The research is to be included in a letter of advice to our client Marilyn Baker who may need to apply for a Guardianship Order in relation to her daughter Annette who has a serious intellectual impairment and is now nineteen years old;
• I need you to find out the steps for applying for a Guardianship Order;
• I need you to include your research in the precedent client letter of advice for the Mt Gravatt Law Centre;
• I need the research to be ready today;
• I expect you might need an hour to do the research and drafting;
• You may need to call someone at the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal registry to clarify information.
Read the notes at Element 1.2 again and prepare a research plan to complete the task set by James.
Later in the week another supervising solicitor, Warren Warrior, calls you into his office for a meeting. Warren tells you that he would like you to prepare a fact sheet that can be given to clients of the Mt Gravatt Law Centre that explains what mediation is and how it can be used to help resolve disputes, especially family law disputes. Warren would like you to include in the fact sheet:
• Examples of at least three different types of disputes that could be resolved by mediation;
• The names and contact details of at least two private mediators in Brisbane;
• Details for at least two websites of courts or public organisations that have information about mediation;
Prepare a research plan to complete the task set by Warren;
Web link
An example of a research plan recommended
The link below is to a tutorial from Monash University about how to work out the sorts of questions you might need to research if you are given a particular legal point to obtain information about: