Housekeeping Operations

This is a group report about hospitality housekeeping.
I just need to do one part for the Housekeeping Operations.
Please check the Hotel description First!
The Swiss Hotel Management School is planning to build a
commercial hotel somewhere. The goal is to design a 4-5 star hotel and you
have to design the Housekeeping Department. The hotel has the following facilities:
! 240 guest rooms
• 2 suites
• 2 junior suites
• 10 connecting rooms
• 200 king size bed standard rooms
• 26 single bed standard rooms
2 elevators
4 emergency staircases
14 floors
Swimming Pool

Decline/revival of Blackpool as a tourist resort

You have been asked to produce a reflective portfolio on decline/revival of Blackpool resort. This assignment is NOT an essay. I’m dentist relevant secondary sources eg ( travel industry press, newspapers,reports,policy documents, academic papers and books etc). You must also evaluate the implications of these trends and issues in relation to the relevant academic literature outlining how your analysis of these trends and/ or changes helps us better to understand the workings of the contemporary tourism and hospitality industries. You must keep within the word limit of no more than 2000 words. 10% more or less variation will be penalised. You must acknowledge all your sources and include these in the list of references. Consult cite them rite. I can send you some of the seminar readings required to add on your own sources to do this portfolio

Tourism & Safety in Twycross Zoo

Attached here are:
1. About My Research – It’s like a research proposal. It will give you more insight into and about my research paper

2. Assignment Brief – Assignment Questions and instructions

3. Observation Field Note – Data Collected. I have conducted an observation and also had a chat with few participants.

NOTE: Please writer if you think there are more points you want to add here to both observation and chats that will aid you to write well please feel free to do so and ensure you highlight any additional text in red for me to easily identify them. Thanks

4. Reading Lists – Ensure some if not most of your references are from the reading lists

5. Twycross Zoo Map – just to have an idea of what the zoo look like. You can also check them out online

Small Enterprises In A Mass Tourism Environment

The dissertation is written but failed for five points to reach the 50 which is the passing mark. As you will see from the feedback that my tutor send me, various parts need rewritting.
The main issue was that I don’t met my aim and objectives thus the writer is free to change anything he/she likes in order to meet those, or he/she can put aim and objectives that fit’s him/her better in order to achieve the result of 60 out of 100 points.
Finally from the 23 interviews the questions I asked the interviwees are inconsisted thus the writer can keep only 10 or more which will meet his/her objectives and will give to the paper a consice structure.
Regarding the references I would like 15 to 20 articles or journals,5 books and 5 internet.
Finally I would like the parts which are written from the writer to be sent to me so I can examine them and check them.

You are traveling as a Western European Christian in the same year that the Adventures of Ibn Battuta

This is instruction of this paper.

“You are a Roman Catholic Church lawyer whose home is Paris. You speak French, Latin, and a little Greek. As a young man, you decide to travel abroad.
Uncannily, you begin and end your travels in the same year that Ibn Battuta did (1325 and 1354), and you travel to many if not all of the same places that he did. You are traveling, however, as a Western European Christian, not a Muslim legal scholar who speaks Arabic and Persian. Write a first-person account of your twenty-nine years of travel, telling about your itinerary, your adventures, your problems, and your crises. Be concrete and specific about geography, places, kingdoms, ethnic peoples, and so on”

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Strategy

Write an individual report discussing in detail some of the key issues that will affect your future marketing strategy, focusing on one of your potential market segments.

You should include the following:
1. Clearly discuss your one chosen target market segment making reference to any relevant motivations and trends.
2. Please focus in detail one of the following strategies:
• Please discuss in detail how you will develop your own brand positioning strategy, taking into account how this new strategy will change from any existing strategy
Or • Please discuss in detail a clear relationship building strategy for your target market.
3. Discuss your tactical marketing campaign, giving detailed examples of relevant marketing mix activity. Your activity should be linked with a common theme and clear objectives. You should make specific reference to any promotional/communication mix activity and consider any specific interactive marketing needs, taking into account latest best practice of e-marketing techniques.
4. For your chosen marketing strategy you should identify relevant smart objectives, timescales and give examples of any key performance indicators for your tactical marketing. You should discuss any issues related to the implementation and control of your ideas.
5. A list of references should be submitted which reflects the comprehensive list of sources available for this module and uses the Harvard system of referencing.

Module Learning Outcomes: 1. Critically analyse marketing issues, plan appropriate courses of action and complete, present and defend a marketing plan within a hospitality and tourism context.
2. Critically analyse and develop marketing strategies with an emphasis on brand positioning and market segmentation strategies
3. Critically analyse integrated marketing communications and their implementation
4. Analyse and evaluate the effect of contemporary marketing issues on market planning within hospitality and tourism. Grading Criteria UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 7 apply to this assignment:
• You should concentrate on marketing strategy rather than wider corporate strategic management issues
• You should be discussing your ideas for potential future marketing ideas rather than summarising existing marketing activity
• Where larger major corporate branded companies are concerned you should relate your answer to individual hotels or restaurants, for example, rather than considering corporate strategy
• You should concentrate on one target market
• Your tactical marketing ideas should reflect current best practice with the adoption of e-marketing and social media marketing ideas
• You should demonstrate evidence of wider research and reading and integrate appropriate models and theory to justify your response and discussions

European Tour Operators

s (tourism industry).
For the purposes of this assignment you need to choose a company within this industry. You
will also need to access further (and more current) information on the company.
1. Identify and discuss strategic capabilities (resources and competences) of the
chosen company using appropriate strategy tools and identify strengths and
weaknesses for the firm. Apply the Value Chain and identify and discuss any
core competences the organisation may have. Discuss company’s financial
Resources (human, physical and financial) (25 marks)
Strengths and Weaknesses (20 marks)
Value Chain (20 marks)
Core competences (5 marks)
(Total 70 marks)
2. Taking into account the above findings as well as the conclusions from your first
assignment, construct a SWOT matrix to show strategic position of the
(10 marks)
3. Identify and discuss (providing examples and evidence) one strategic direction OR a
method for your chosen organisation. (20 marks)
a. You can use any relevant sources providing all sources are properly
referenced. Of particular relevance are sources like Keynotes, Mintel
and the FT.
b. Your assignment should not exceed 2000 words (excluding
c. The main purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your
understanding and application of the concepts used in the module –
do not go overboard on too much detail on the organisation itself (a
short profile in the appendix will suffice).

Museum history


You may visit the Cabrillo National Monument, the San Diego Mission, or one of the museums in Old Town in San Diego. You must then do a write up that tells me what you saw and how it connects to the class readings and discussions. Please write about 2/3 of a page for each hour you spend on the activity. There are 5 possible points for this.

class book( Roark, The American Promise: A Concise History, Volume I: To 1877. Fifth Edition)
PS: gather information online about the museum and write about it and connect it to the book we use in class.

Travel and Tourism

Unit 14
Analyse the market for a chosen type of specialist tourism, interpreting relevant data. (CHOOSE EDUCATIONAL SPECIALIST TOURISM PLEASE) Once you have researched your chosen specialist tourism, you will be required to develop your knowledge by ANALYSING the STATISTICS you have found. Please mainly focus on analysing the statistics. You will look at the size of the market and be able to determine the size of providers of your specialism and the PRODUCTS that they offer.