Syria under Assad

I would like a long introduction of 4 to 5 pages discussing how this thesis is about power, and I would like you to include good quotes about power. As for the body, I would not want to focus much about the historical background of how Assad achieved power but rather focus on what happened after the coup d’etat in 1970.

Events such as the jordan/palestinian conflict and Syria’s role, on the incident with his brother, what political tools he exerted to be able to stay in power, how the country was under his reign, the Hama massacre and its purpose etc. His involvement in Lebanon could be mentioned very briefly as well as the aftermath.

His relationship with Hezbollah and the reason behind it is also worth mentioning. Please focus on the fact that he belongs to a minority, so in order to be accepted he had to divert the attention away from religion and focus on events such as nationalism and sticking together against Israel and other tools he used. Coming from his background, he has achieved so much in order to be accepted nationally and internationally.

I would also like you to base a sufficient part of your research on the book “Asad” by Patrick Seale. I hope this list does not complicate it for you but rather make it easier for you to understand the overview of my thesis. My chosen topic was “The success of the Alewife minority at controlling the political system in Syria, and its relative success in controlling Lebanon”. I have the first part about the historical ascend of the Allowites, i will need u to write the second part. I have the third concerning the historical background in Lebanon and Syria’s involvement, and parts of the fourth about the aftermath in Lebanon, but I will need the aftermath concerning Syria.





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