Conflict management

The Scenario is a conflict between adult Advisor and a youth group’s president regarding Adult supervision. Advisor was for and Youth president was against.

Conflict Management – Reflective Essay
Scenario: Decide upon a conflict scenario with another person in which you can demonstrate the conflict management skills you have learned in this module. You are required to choose a situation in which you are directly in conflict with another person. The conflict may be taken from your workplace context or personal life and should be approximately 15 minutes in length.
Reflective Essay:
Write a reflective essay critiquing your practice session. Discuss four key conflict management skills you used or attempted to use.
Your essay should include:
1. A brief factual overview of the conflict scenario, including the conflict type.
2. Identification of four conflict management skills you used.
3. Evaluation of your application of each of the four skills (how well you applied the skills) including verbatim examples.
4. Suggestions for improvement in your application of the four skills, including verbatim examples of what you could have said.
4. Identification of other strategies or skills you could have used to negotiate a positive outcome.
5. Reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the module.

Content :
1. Factual overview of the conflict provided and type correctly identified.
2. Four conflict management skills used in the session identified correctly, including verbatim examples.
3. Application of the four skills critiqued and evaluated.
4. Appropriate suggestions made for improvement in use of relevant skills and verbatim examples provided.
5. Evidence of familiarity with relevant literature and theory.
6. Evidence of integration of theory and practice.
7. Appropriate introduction provided that clearly articulates the topic.
8. Main ideas clearly and logically presented.
9. Appropriate conclusion provided that summarises the key findings/ideas.
10. Word count within 1925 to 2100.
Written Expression:
11. First person writing style used.
12. Fluent writing style used with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
13. Relevant literature used appropriately.
14. Wide range of sources used.

The textbook for this module is by Eunson, B. (2007). Conflict management. Brisbane: John Wiley & Sons.

Section 1: Understanding Conflict.
Section 2: Conflict Behaviours.
Section 3: Exercising Empathy.
Section 4: Managing Emotions.
Section 5: Appropriate Assertiveness.
Section 6: Exploring Inner Conflict.
Section 7: Cooperative Power.
Section 8: Forgiveness.
Section 9: Mapping Conflict and Designing Options.
Section 10: Negotiating.
Section 11: Mediating.
Section 12: Broadening Perspectives.

Include verbatim examples In evaluation of your application of each of the four skills and Suggestions for improvement in your application of the four skills. And has to be within 2200 words.





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