Social Psychology

Analyze EITHER some personal experience (event, encounter, or relationship) OR the description of an event, encounter, or relationship based on a newspaper or magazine article using concepts from ONE of the following TWO content areas in social psychology.

A. Aggression
B. Pro-Social Behavior.

NOTE: Do not combine concepts from both topics in the same paper!.

The paper has THREE main sections:

1. CHOOSE and describe a personal experience OR find (and supply) a copy of a newspaper or magazine article that demonstrates one or more principles of social psychology in action.

2. IDENTIFY relevant social psychological concepts, theories or research findings that explain this experience, and show what you know about these concepts, theories, and/or research. YOU will need at least 9 appropriate concepts applied correctly to earn FULL CREDIT. Note: if you have the slightest question about whether any of your points might not apply to the topic, it would be smart to include at least one additional point.

3. APPLY the concepts, theories, and/or research to the experience to explain that experience in detail, including:

– How/why it happened as it did
-what you have learned from this application, and
-What conclusion, prevention, or plan you can reach because of this new understanding




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