Intergovernmental Public Manager

Goal: This paper describes the career, attitudes, and strategies of a public manager with significant intergovernmental tasks in his or her job. The student must choose the public manager who is the subject of this paper. The main idea for this paper is to offset the course readings with practical examples and observations of “real-world” success in the world of intergovernmental management.

Outline: Please use Frank Kelley, Audit Manager for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. His involvement is both at the state and federal levels in terms of the duties he performs on the job.

–How did you get to be where you are in your organization? Did education or experience play the most important role in your success?

–What is the national, state, and local government background to your work?

–What is a story of change within your organization? What was your role in this change, and how did you follow through on your role?

–Do you prefer hierarchical work, or team-based work? Why?

–How do you maintain focus, both personal and organizational, on your job?

–How do you work on teams or in networks? How do you expand your network of work contacts? How do you deal with “shirkers” on group projects? How do you deal with changing membership in your work groups?

–Is strategic planning important in your work? If so, how do you integrate planning efforts across several levels of government?

–What is the hardest p.a. skill to engage in your work? Finance, human resources, analysis, leadership, or others?



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