Employment Relations

Assignment (3000 word essay)
Question: Critically examine the impact of employment relations upon social and economic performance. (3,000 words)
Referencing: Note: All papers need to be correctly referenced, using the Harvard System and should include a bibliography. Some materials may suit a tabular format and this is quite acceptable. Appendices may also be included BUT they must be relevant and “concise” and contain only background information. Note: The Harvard Referencing System can be found on the library website.
Word Count:The word count should be entered on the cover sheet. Assignments with more than 2000 words over the word limit, academic judgement would apply. In accordance with Academic Regulation, July 2012, 6.58-6.59 – i.e. a lower mark will be awarded to reflect lack of concision and relevance. The following items are not included in the word count:
• Indented quotations of more than 50 words (note, however that if you use too much of these you could be penalised for being too derivative – too source reliant)
• Tables, figures and diagrams
• List of references and or bibliography
• Footnotes
• Appendices

Pay attention to Learning Outcomes:
Students should consider to what extent they have demonstrated the learning outcomes in their answer, as this is a key criterion for a successful assessment result.
1.1.1 Element 010 – Essay Marking Criteria

Mark Learning Outcome
1. Clear structure, including; introduction and conclusion that show evidence of clear understanding of the relevant issues and how you intend to address them and a summary of the main arguments and conclusions drawn. 10/100 1,2,3
2. A clear understanding of the material challenges faced, along with the different theoretical perspectives on history and prospects, as well as the public policy strategies at the level of the state and championed by and within the key representative institutions of capital and labour. 40/100 1,2,3
3. In presenting a critical analysis, students will look at a range of the strategies outlined and examine the extent to which the approaches are coherent and credible, for individuals, institutions and society. 40/100 1,2,3
4. Extent of research: evidence of level of engagement with course and other relevant literature and extent of accurate and adequate referencing of material. 10/100 1,3

1.2 Learning Outcomes
This module, like all modules at Anglia Ruskin, is taught on the basis of achieving intended learning outcomes. On successful completion of the module, the student will be expected to be able to demonstrate the following:
Knowledge and understanding LO 1. Show critical appreciation and comprehensively understand the importance of employment relations to successful management of organisations; the nature and significance of the respective and complementary roles of the parties in the employment relationship; understand and evaluate contemporary developments in employment relations, including, different forms of conflict behaviour and dispute resolution.

LO 2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the purpose of employment relations and the way it is enforced in practice.

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills LO 3. Evaluate and manage employee relations procedures and processes.

The assessment is based on meeting these learning outcomes, shown explicitly in section 4, where the assessment task is linked to these learning outcomes.