Cross Cultural Lesson Plan/Thematic unit

Cultural Communications and Understanding Designing a Cross Cultural Lesson Plan Thematic Unit


Develop 3 separate lesson plans to make a Thematic Unit for a grade level of your choice (K- 12.) Your thematic unit must meet the following criteria:


The Thematic Unit should be designed to be delivered in three separate, one hour time slots during different days of a given week.


Use a traditional lesson plan format for the Thematic Unit to include but not be limited to the following areas: grade level; length; objective(s); purpose; materials; procedures; outline/steps/activities; content and key questions; examples; guided and independent practice; closure; follow-up; enrichment/reinforcement; home learning.


Behavioral Objectives – The unit plan must include behavioral objectives that are highly measurable and observable. Refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy for strategies on how to write effective behavioral objectives.

Activities: Student activities that are closely connected to the behavioral objectives.

Assessment: Formal and alternative assessment instruments are included.

Home Learning: Home learning assignments that allow students to practice mastery of the behavioral objectives.

Infusion of Standards: Use of the cultural components of the ESOL K – 12 Subject Area Competencies; Diversity component of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices; National TESOL Standards; Miami Dade County Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).
Individual Lesson Plan format for the Thematic Unit is dynamic, creative, and emphasizes hands-on experiences.