Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Include the major concepts, reactions, and a summary of its relevance to social interactions.

Incorporate the following terms and subjects as well:

ingoups and outgroups

Purpose of Stereotypes

How illusionary correlation enforces stereotypes

The three types of prejudice; ambivalent, envious, contemptuous

Aversive Racism

Ambivalent Sexism

Sexual prejudice

Social identity theory (Tajfel & Turner; Turner 1987)


Social Dominance Theory(Pratto, 1996; Sidanius & Pratto, 1999)

System Justification Theory

Include how some of these negative practices can be countered by practices such as the Contact Hypothesis(Amir, 1969; Hewstone, 1996). This hypothesis streeses that four factors must take place to reduce hostility between two groups that have historically had confilict. The four factors are Equal Social Status, Sustained close contact(the text uses integrated school sports as an example to counter how students are prone to segregate themselves), intergroup cooperation(this comes in the form of a common or superordinate goal), social norms favoring equality,.

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