The Queensland Police Service (QPS)

This assignment should be written in a business report style not essay style

Please read the main file first and review the references that included in it

Executive summary


Introduction Section


A brief introduction on the benefits and problems of using social media for government departments based on empirical research (Case study, Survey or interviewed someone and published in Academic articles

(Use attached Journal in Introduction) Twitter for City Police Department Information Sharing

(Use attached Journal in Introduction) Engaging stakeholders through social networking :How nonprofit organizations are using Face book.

Use attached Journal in Introduction, When Social Networks Cross Boundaries: A Case Study of Workplace Use of Face book and LinkedIn


Discussion Section


Outlining how social media could transform the way the police department use information demonstrated through an example idea

come up with ways for the QPS to improve the way they manage information using social media and present a policy proposal (Use Seminar 7 – Managing Information Policy) and The Multi-Layer Problem In Implementation Research. Use Governance 3 levels (Essential level. Constitution level & Operational and Tactical level) every policy has to go through these levels to become implementable.

Workable model as an example implementation they could draw from so they could increase the engagement with voters.

Section explain how the proposal policy to make it all work


Conclusion includes Evolution & Recommendation




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