Sociology Deviant behavior

Write a deviance autobiography. Describe past and/or current involvement in the deviant behavior, and then analyze it.

Use at least TWO of the theories presented in lecture or text to explain why your life unfolded the way it has. If you have always lived the “straight and narrow” life, then use theory to explain why you did not get involved in various deviant behaviors.

The paper should be 4-5 full pages. All of the content in your papers will remain confidential, and will not affect how I treat you as a student. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you should include something in your paper, though, don’t. Only write about what you feel comfortable discussing. Papers will not be viewed by anyone but me, and will be kept strictly confidential.
o Include the following in your paper:
20% Part I: Describe your involvement in current and/or past deviant behaviors (or lack of the same)

25% Part II: Describe the theories you want to apply to your deviance autobiography in detail, using the text book and/or lecture notes. You may also use outside sources that have additional information about theories discussed in class. Assume that I do not know these theories? I want to know that you really know and understand them yourself.

40% Part III: Analyze your aforementioned behaviors in the context of the theories you chose. Why did I engage in these behaviors? Why do I continue to do these behaviors, or, why did I change from some types of deviant behaviors to others, or why did I stop altogether? Use terms and ideas from the theories to explicitly link the theory to your behaviors. BE specific.

15% for presentation. Your paper should be well written, and should read like a well reasoned argument rather than a series of unrelated ideas. Writing quality such as organization, spelling, and grammar will be evaluated.





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