Global Society

Write a commentary of 2-3 pages (double-line spacing, 12-point font) with reference to the attached news report and in response to the following question. You are expected to demonstrate that you understand the issue thoroughly, to make focused and convincing arguments, and to cite all external sources that you use in a proper way (use of these sources is not necessary though). Your score will be based on (1) how well you understand the issue and how well you could link this issue to what you have learnt in your class (3 marks); (2) how well you articulate your own opinion and make convincing arguments (4 marks); and (3) overall writing and organization of the commentary (3 marks).


Recently many commentators, like the authors of the following report, argue that the current global economic crisis, as well as recent G-20 summit, is ushering in a new world order in which emerging countries such as China and Brazil will be more capable of resisting the terms dictated by advanced developed countries in the West. Why do they think that the global economy will be re-centered to the emerging economies after the crisis? Do you agree with this view? Do you think it is a good thing to the world? What role should the US take in the global system after the crisis, according to your opinion? Why?




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