Knowledge Management Plan

The knowledge management plan can be focused on the student’s own organization or a selected case study firm . The intent of the plan is to develop recommended interventions for the organization, aimed at improving the organizations performance through more effective knowledge management. The target audience for the plan is the CEO and the executive leadership team of the organization.

The assessment will be based on:

1. The thoroughness of the analysis and synthesis of the organizational issues in developing the planned interventions.
2. The quality of the arguments supporting the recommended interventions

3. The recommended methods for implementing and sustaining the organizational changes that might accompany the knowledge management interventions

The knowledge management plan should be a minimum of 3,000 words and no more than 5,000 words.
Please note that unlike a typical business report, the expectation is that this report should have elements of academic writing i.e. you are expected to acknowledge by referencing, the sources supporting your arguments.

The following marking framework will be used for this assignment:

Criteria Weighting = 1
(0-40) Weighting = 2
(41-70) Weighting = 3
Analysis and Synthesis Rudimentary analysis of current situation Reasonable analysis of current situation Thorough analysis and synthesis of current situation 30%
Quality and support of arguments for change Arguments only supported by weak evidence Arguments are reasonably derived and supported by some evidence Arguments are well thought out and carefully supported by convincing sources of evidence 30%
Quality of Recommendations and implementation plans Recommendations are notional and potentially hard to implement Recommendations are reasonably well thought with thought given to implementation issues Recommendations are well thought out with an implementation plan that demonstrates their ability to be auctioned 30%
Referencing Little or no referencing of supporting evidence Reasonable referencing of source evidence used Referencing drawn from a broad mix of scholarly and business literature 10%




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